Przemyslav Frankovsky scored another goal!  His team is crazy [WIDEO] Pi³ka no¿na

The match was against newcomer Troyes for the fourth team League 1 Easy and fun. RC . lens They were leading 3-0 in the first half thanks to goals from Arnaud Kalimundo, Wesley Said and Jonathan Klaus.

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This may be the new star of the Polish national team. “Ecstasy Among Fans”

Frankowski’s fourth goal. Select the result pole

Even over time gamesAnd calendar Select the representative of Poland 4: 0 Przemyslav FrankovskyWhich was the fourth hit this season. The Polish pendulum completed the Lens movement, finishing off a shot defended by Florian Sotoka at close range.

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The 26-year-old Frankowski has scored four goals and three assists in 13 games this season League 1And his team is back in second place at least until Sunday – they have 24 points, seven points less than the leader Paris Saint-Germain (12 matches) and another match from Nice’s third and fourth match in Marseille (the two teams played 12 matches each).

“I didn’t expect such a start”

– I did not expect such a start, but I believed in myself and after the first training sessions and the first match I said to myself: “This is the team for me!” A team that plays hard and hard. At the time I knew it was a good place for me. There’s nothing to hide, it’s cool – Przemysław Frankowski recently spoke in an interview with >>

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