Przasnyszanin Artur Olszewski appeared in "Hidden Truth"

Artur Olszewski played a policeman. This is not Przasnyszanin’s first appearance in a semi-documentary series.

In the first episode on Thursday that aired at 6.00pm on TVN, you can watch the story of the parents whose 17-year-old son got into serious trouble with drug use. Przasnyszanin Artur Olszewski played an investigative policeman who unraveled the mystery of the assault and intrusion.

This is not the first role of Przasnyszanin in a semi-documentary series. Earlier, we could also see Artur Olszewski in the TV series Ten Moment and Cops.

– I used to play thugs, now I played a policeman – Mr. Arthur tells us.

He adds that appearing in this type of production is an interesting adventure for him.

– I don’t do any main roles, I mainly play episodes, because for big roles you also have to have time and you should be well prepared for them. The thing about these documents is that sometimes the transcript is received only a few days in advance, so in the case of a senior role, you just have to sit down and study hard.

– At first I signed up out of curiosity. I was invited to cast and that’s how it began. I sing a lot at parties so I had no problem while singing, and speaking in front of the camera was even bigger. But these short roles are training for me, so they also help me in some way – our interlocutor says and assures that today’s episode was not the last in which we will be able to watch his play.

Hidden Truth is a Polish semi-documentary series that has been broadcasting on TVN since 2012. Each episode presents the stories of people affected by fate and the conflicts that sometimes occur in families. Most of the action takes place in and around Warsaw. The series is a production in which people are selected during castings organized by the theater producer. Each episode is told a different story independently.


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