Protest Fast X on the streets of Los Angeles.  Is this the beginning of the end of the series?
Fast X, the tenth edition of Fast and Furious, has a problem. Residents of the Los Angeles suburbs of Angelino Heights protest photos in their neighborhood. In their opinion, scenes in which Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel, of course) races around the area are “a very harmful and dangerous glorification of illegal racing.”

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‘Fast X’: Angelino Heights residents don’t want to fast or get angry

The tenth part of the series “Fast and the Furious” is scheduled to be filmed today (Saturday) in the streets of the famous Los Angeles suburb – Angelino Heights. Yesterday, protesters took the floor, saying it was “great, great, very dangerous” and that “street racing is fatal.” Among the banners bearing similar slogans were pictures of people killed when they were hit by a car.

For the record: He played Dominic Toretto’s house in Angelino Heights in several parts of the series. The director of the first part, Rob Cohen, admired the winding streets and hills of the area, thanks to which it was possible to depict “funny jumps” – as he claimed – in the chase scenes.

For the same reasons, the streets of Angelino Heights have become the favorite routes for racing fans of Fast and Furious who come to the area to try something similar to Dominic Toretto and take pictures of themselves there.

The city has seen a 30 percent increase in deaths and a 21 percent increase in serious road injuries over the past year, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Concerned residents, who also complained of tire screeching and engine screeching that lasted nearly 24 hours a day, sought help from Streets Are For Everyone and Street Racing Kills.

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The Streets Are For Everyone manager explains the situation as follows:

Yes, residents are compensated for the time of filming. But no one can compensate them for the long-term effects of filming “Fast and the Furious.”. As he claims, mental losses cannot be assessed.

Both organizations require the City of Los Angeles to put up roadblocks and speed bumps on the streets of Angeleno Heights to prevent drivers from racing.

Is this a sign of the end of fasting and anger?

What do we know about “Fast X”?

The plot of the tenth edition of “Fast and the Furious” was not revealed. However, a permanent cast will return to the screen: Vin Diesel, Therese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Song Kang, and Scott Eastwood. We wrote some time ago that in this segment we will also meet Grandma Dominic Toretto, played by Rita Moreno.

What happened in Fast and Furious 9?
Check the trailer.

“Fast and the Furious 9” trailer

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