Project Q - Ubisoft announces a game with battle royale elements
April 23, 2022, 19:20

author: Michał “Maycuzai” watch

Update: Ubisoft has officially announced Project Q. | Original news: According to Tom Henderson, Ubisoft is working on another battle royale game titled Project Q. Production is purportedly in the testing phase and similar to Overwatch in many ways.

News update

Ubisoft has just officially announced Q . project by yourself Twitter. He also reported that the game is in the early stages of production and that its title is just a code name. But Players can already sign up for quizzes Produce under this link Their start date has not been revealed at this time. Yesterday, record the game from Q . project. Unfortunately, the video was posted on the site Youtube It was quickly removed at the request of Ubisoft.

  1. Developer informedwhich – that “Q . project Not a battle royale game. Instead, its gameplay is supposed to resemble other productions from the family of arena shooters that focus on team clashes.
  2. at Q . project We will see several game modes PvP.
  3. a job not planning Added to NFT production.
  4. The release date and platforms for the target devices are not disclosed at the moment. However, the page where you can sign up for the tests reveals that the title will likely release on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, and PS4.
  5. The video leaked yesterday to the network shows this We will watch the movement behind the back of the character we are leading, The game itself may be based on Unreal Engine technology.
  6. It’s possible that the author of the video in question is a Reddit user under a pseudonym Barzalay. The article confirms Henderson’s reports about two game modes (Confrontation and battle zone). However, the video indicates that ten players will participate in the first, not eight, as the informant claimed.

original message

According to eight sources from a well-known informant Tom HendersonAnd Ubisoft is working on another Battle Royale game – now known as Q . project. It is worth noting that this is only a code name for the production and is likely to appear for the first time under a different title. The French studio Ubisoft Bordeaux is allegedly responsible for this project. Release date and target device platforms you’re targeting Q . projectare not known.

Free to play model?

on the page LinkedIn Studies there is information Undisclosed game yet PvPAnd who now Creates, is the debut of the form F2P. So it is possible that this mysterious production Q . project.

What is Project Q?

Henderson claims that the creators of emails sent to testers describe it Q . project Like:

modern and innovative A combination of Battle Royale and Arena shooter.

According to Henderson Q . project It includes two modes:


  1. The first is called confrontation.
  2. Really Variation of battle royale modethat revolves around the map four teams – Each player consists of two players.

battle zone

  1. and adopted the other battle zone. This is based on the well-known rules of games of the genre Arena shooter.
  2. participate in the game two competing teamsAnd Each of the four players. Their goal is to “hold the map area for as long as possible”.
  3. Henderson compares Battle Zone to a particular style fortified pointWhich appeared in many versions call of duty series.

Weapons and skills

Players can choose the weapons, abilities and skills of their heroes – Like the wings of Icarus (Polish: Icarus wings) that allow you to fly – as well as three individual “miracles” that can be mixed together (the informant did not specify what they are).

at Q . project However, we will not see typical poppers. instead of this We will fight with hammers, spray guns, sticks, fireworks or playing cards.

artistic style

Henderson claims to have seen footage of Q . project. According to him, in terms of the visual layer, it is supposed to resemble the game Knockout City And Note and watch.

Testers’ opinions

Testers who have contacted Henderson say so Q . project Still in early production stages (Although it can be turned on).

In their opinion, the game should be similar to the above game in many respects Note and watch. They mention that too Q . project He has a lot of fun again “miracles” are unlocked.

It is worth adding that closed beta tests Monitor 2 It will start in a few days.


It is worth noting that the service Eurogamer note Q . project at leaked GeForce NOW database already in September last year.

Ubisoft Bordeaux

The Ubisoft Bordeaux studio was founded in 2017. In addition to the game in question, it is now officially working on the brands Doctrine killer And rainbow sixAs well as the game Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Description of one of the files Job However, it reveals The developer also tampered with production AAA Based on the famous Ubisoft brand.

Other Ubisoft Battle Royale Games

According to Henderson Ubisoft is developing a Battle Royale game called Pathfinderwhen we wrote at the beginning of the month.

Other Startup Address in this Agreement – Ghost Recon: Frontline – I stayed recently re It wasn’t long before the internal testing was complete.

The publisher recently announced that the servers of its current representative are of this type – the game Hyperscape – they’ll stay closed in a few days.

  1. Tom Henderson – Twitter
  2. Ubisoft – Official Site

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