Princess Charlotte at Taylor Swift concert with her family: This special hairstyle she didn’t wear – up close

On Friday, June 21, 2024, Prince William celebrated his 42nd birthday. For the ceremony, the king’s eldest son
Charles III
Surrounded by his three children. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. All together, they went to the legendary Wembley Stadium to attend a special event. In fact, American pop star Taylor Swift was holding a concert in London that day.

Although he was there with his children, Prince William was not photographed inside the grounds. On the other hand, several photos of the royal family taken backstage at Wembley surfaced on social networks. Taylor Swift specifically posed with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince William, she revealed on her X account (formerly Twitter).

Taylor Swift has posed with the British royal family on social media

Photo credit: © Julian Burton / Bestimage

For the record, Taylor Swift was paid an amazing tribute just hours before her show in London. This actually happened during the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace. The baptize musician’s famous song was played by cheers Shake it off. A video of the moment was posted on the Instagram account of the British royal family.

“We Can’t Stop, Can’t Stop The Troubles”, specifically written as a title. As a reminder, Taylor Swift’s performance in London on June 21, 2024 drew crowds again. In fact, more than 88,000 people attended the American pop star’s concert at Wembley that day. For the occasion, Princess Charlotte wore a very special hairstyle.

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