Prince William stars in documentary about domesticity

Prince William is set to appear in a new TV documentary about his homelessness show Homewards.

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The initiative by the heir to the British Crown aims to help rough sleepers and those traveling between different types of temporary accommodation.

A two-part documentary, its working title Prince William: We can end homelessness (Prince William: We can end homelessness), the first year of the Homewards project takes place behind the scenes. As the Prince of Wales launches the project across England, it will showcase the journeys of people currently experiencing homelessness and others who once experienced this difficult ordeal.

The series will also feature well-known project advocates and individual project leaders from across the country.

Homewards is a five-year initiative launched by the Prince of Wales in 2023 for Belfast, Aberdeen and Sheffield.

Jo Clinton-Davies, ITV’s producer and head of factual programmes, said: “By gaining access to the inner workings of this ambitious project and the work of Prince William and his team, we wanted to share with viewers an inside look at how. They tackle an issue that worries us all and affects many of our citizens in the UK.

The eldest son of Charles III and Lady Diana has long been passionate about the issue of homelessness. He became a royal patron of the charity The Passage after visiting one of its shelters with his mother at the age of 11.

The documentary featuring Prince William will air in the UK later this year.

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