Prince Andrew thanked his mother Elizabeth for her "faith" despite the scandals

Prince Andrew, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II, disgraced by sexual assault allegations, paid tribute to his mother’s “compassion” and “her faith” ahead of her state funeral on Sunday.

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With a letter, the 62-year-old Duke of York paid tribute not only to the Queen, “the mother of the nation”, but above all to his “mother”.

“Mom, your love for your son, your kindness, your care, your faith, I will forever cherish,” Andrew wrote.

“I saw your infinite knowledge and wisdom without limit or restriction”.

Prince Andrew, often hailed as the sovereign’s favorite son, who died on September 8 aged 96, was banned from any official public appearances and stripped of his military titles earlier in the year because of his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. After allegations of sexual assault against a 17-year-old girl, Virginia Giuffre.

Threatened with a lawsuit in the US, he settled the lawsuits by paying millions of dollars.

In March, the Queen gave public support to Elizabeth II by stepping into her arms to pay tribute to her husband, Prince Philip, who died a year earlier, during a religious service at Westminster Abbey.

These images provoked many angry reactions.

His presence for ten days of tributes across the UK has been a headache for the royal family to manage.

When he appeared with his brothers and sisters in processions behind Elizabeth II’s coffin in Edinburgh in recent days and later in London, he, unlike his siblings, did not wear uniform.

But out of respect for the Queen, he was allowed to appear in military uniform at the ‘Prince’s’ vigil on Friday, when he, King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward stood guard over the coffin for 15 minutes. Their mother’s remains are on public display in Westminster Hall.

However, he was to see no official role under Charles III, who, according to the press, would push Elizabeth II to strip him of his titles so as not to harm the family’s reputation.

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