Prince Andrew: Queen Elizabeth II wants to protect the monarchy at all costs

Threatened at the trial, Prince Andrew is so embarrassed that Elizabeth II has no choice: to defend the monarchy, his second son now loses any official role and humiliates his military ranks.

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Announced in a press release by Buckingham Palace on Thursday with brutal restraint, the decision made the front page of all British daily newspapers on Friday, underlining the Queen’s concern to “keep her distance” but insulting the Prince. “This is the survival of the fittest at any cost,” the Daily Mail wrote.

“It’s time to push it further out of focus,” said Bob Morris, the monarch’s historian. According to him, the Duke of York “probably finished” the “black sheep of the family” and lost all his royal sponsorships, and he can no longer use the title of Royal Highness.

As part of his troubled friendship with former financier Jeffrey Epstein, in the 2000s, the situation became unacceptable after a New York judge on Wednesday refused to dismiss a civil complaint alleging that the prince had sexually abused a minor, Virginia Quefre.

Her second son, who is ninth in line to the throne – her favorite – also played down the pressure of about 150 soldiers who wrote a letter to the Queen condemning her lack of “good manners, honesty and respectable conduct.” Like the ceremonies announced for the 70-year reign of Elizabeth II, her platinum jubilee.

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Great embarrassment

“It was a great embarrassment to demand that retired military personnel be stripped of their titles. It would be embarrassing and detrimental to the Queen (leader of the forces) because the Queen is considered to be protecting her son, “said Benny Jr., author of several books on the British monarchy.

“It’s time to protect B planning, monarchy and jubilee celebrations,” Mr Morris said.

Celebrations are scheduled for four days across the country in early June in memory of the 95-year-old queen, including a military parade, a concert in London, pudding competitions, and big lunches.

The sovereign, who rarely appears in public, would have made his decision by talking to Crown Prince Charles and his grandson Prince William for the second time in a row on the throne Wednesday in Windsor. To the British press.

“I imagine Charles and William forced his hand somewhere,” Penny Jr. told AFP. “This will be detrimental to the monarchy.”

The monarchy in the United Kingdom remains unchallenged, thanks to the fame of Elizabeth II, who could not be destroyed despite repeated crises in recent years. But the future is so uncertain that his heir, Charles, is little loved.

Prince Andrew, 61, was summoned to Windsor Castle on Thursday, where he reportedly drove with his lawyer. He lives in the Royal Lodge, the former home of the Queen Mother, five kilometers from the fort.

Deborah Jane Paul, an accountant in London, told AFP, “I think it’s the right thing to do.

Whatever the outcome of the civil trial in New York – a compromise financial agreement would be an option – “it would be private to Prince Andrew, not toward the monarchy,” he said. Says Morris. “Andrew is the family’s black sheep, but the family will continue.”

After a devastating TV interview in 2019, Prince Andrew had already done nothing public, where he was asked about the allegations against him. Without the slightest sympathy for the victims, he flatly denied his contacts with Epstein.

On Friday, a government official declined to say whether the backstop he was experiencing would continue to be paid by taxpayers.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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