Prime Minister Meloni’s party wins in Italy.  Exit poll: Italian brothers get 30 percent support

The closure of polling stations in Italy means the end of the European Parliament elections in all member states.

According to opinion polls published for the first time, the ruling Italian Brotherhood party, led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, won there. The Right Party received approximately 26-30 percent. Votes.

The center-left opposition Democratic Party came in second place, winning 21-25 percent. The opposition Five Star Movement came in third place (10-14%).

Prime Minister Meloni’s coalition partners received: Forza Italia – 8.5-10.5 percent. votes, while the league – 8-10 percent. RAI TV commentators noted that the Prime Minister’s party obtained at least the same result as it did in the September 2022 parliamentary elections.

Italians voted for half a day on Saturday and for 16 hours on Sunday. In addition to the European Parliament elections, partial local elections were held, including: the mayors of Florence, Bari, Cagliari, Perugia, Campobasso, Potenza and the Regional Council of Piedmont.

Source: PAP,

Republic TV

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