Prigozhin paints war scenarios.  One of them surprises
  • For now, a “freezing” of the war is considered unlikely, as Ukraine prepares for a counterattack. Prigozhin is convinced that the sooner he starts, the better
  • In his opinion, different scenarios for the development of events can be expected. One of them is the dismantling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the seizure of Ukrainian lands, but Prigozhin considers this “unlikely.”
  • The second option, which may come as a surprise from Prigozhin’s lips, is the defeat of Russia
  • More important information can be found on the Onet homepage

In a way, they really do [cele — red.] We have achieved. We have stopped a large number of militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and we can say that the tasks of “SWO” [Specjalnej Operacji Wojskowej — tak Rosja nazywa agresję na Ukrainę — red.] has been made. Prigozhin said that Russia cut off the Sea of ​​Azov and a large part of the Black Sea, occupied a large part of the Ukrainian lands and established a land corridor to the Crimea peninsula.

He touched on the mood prevailing in the country, noting that “for the authorities and for society as a whole, today it is necessary to put a complete end” to this war. According to Prigozhin, the ideal option would be “to announce the end of the early warning system and inform everyone that Russia has achieved the desired results.” However, for this purpose it is necessary to “firmly gain a foothold, to stick claws into those areas that have already been conquered,” – added the head of the Wagner Group.

For now, a “freezing” of the war is considered unlikely, as Ukraine prepares for a counterattack. Prigozhin is convinced that the earlier you start, the better, while the West, on the contrary, is procrastinating. And he suspends the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to increase pressure on the elite dissatisfied with Putin, which Prigozhin calls the “deep state”. According to the businessman, the United States is trying to persuade these people to persuade the president to “deal” with the Americans.

More text below the video.

“Maintaining the current borders is a trade that the United States can offer to the Russian leadership today as a negotiating position. This is the reason for the “dramatic pause.” If the government refuses, the Ukrainian armed forces will launch an offensive, Prigozhin said.

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