Pressing the crossbar while lying down - what is the effect?  How do you prepare?

pressing the tape while lying down and the hair matrix; – And what muscles are involved?

Exercises with a barbell are those that most often advertise a gym. permanent press, in a squat Or lying down is a common sight in such places.

What muscles press on the crossbar while lying down? The question “how much do you hold on your chest” in the context of the bench press is not accidental. This type of exercise aims to develop strength and mass in the upper body in particular chest.

The pectoralis major muscle does most of the work. During the exercise, the muscles of the shoulders and triceps are additionally worked. The technique of pressing the crossbar while lying down is very important and also includes tightening the buttocks and abdominal muscles.

How do you prepare for the bench press?

The bench press is an exercise that requires proper body posture and good technique. First, get acquainted with the correct position of the shoulder blades, thoracic and lumbar spine, wrists, feet and legs.

Before removing the iron from the shelves, the upper back must be tightened intensively seat. A person who then exercises must maintain the natural curvature of the spine. The chest should be exposed. Lumbar slightly raised. Feet steady on the ground.

This is important because in a bad posture it will be difficult for the exerciser to lift a heavy weight. Deep inhalation, exhalation and focus are also important. During the exercise, nothing should distract the practitioner.

How do you hold the bar properly while bench press?

Although this issue seems trivial, it is not. The barbell should move over the breastbone. So, keep your elbows as close to your torso as possible throughout your range of motion and pull your shoulder blades together. The way you hold it will help you lift the weight. However, it can also cause your wrists to bend. To properly grasp and raise the barbell, hold it deeply in your hand and keep your wrists only slightly bent. The line of the elbows and arms should pass just below the barbell.

The width of the grip with which we pick up the tape is not without importance. It is possible to bench press with a narrow grip lying on a horizontal bench. After that, the movement of raising and lowering the barbell will be slightly different. Various rules also apply to pressing the bar while lying on the positive seat, which is at an angle.

How to lower the barbell while on the bench press?

Properly reducing iron is equally important. Remember to maintain the correct starting position. Inhale, then slowly lower the bar to the middle of your chest, bending your arms at the elbows. Don’t bounce the barbell off your chest, just touch it gently. Exhale while raising the bar again.

What are the errors when pressing the crossbar while lying down?

As with any demanding exercise, frequent errors occur when pressing the bar while lying down. Incorrectly performed exercise is not only a failure to use the potential, but also the risk of injury.

What should be avoided when pressing on your chest? Excessive overload of the spine, which occurs, inter alia, during the lifting of the hips during bench press. The buttocks should touch the seat all the time. It is also a common mistake to tear your head off the seat. This can lead to unnecessary stress in the cervical spine. Likewise, the legs should rest firmly on the ground to create a good base.

What should you pay attention to when ageing?

A very important component of the exercise, which is always worth paying attention to, is the correct starting position. The basis for the correct performance of the exercise is the correct position and maintenance of the body. How to perform a horizontal bench press?

Put your feet slightly apart and press them firmly on the floor. Hold the barbell this way and wide enough so that the angle between the shoulder and forearm is 90 degrees in the middle of the movement. Pull your shoulder blades together, lower your shoulders and press them against the bench. The lower back may be slightly elevated, but the buttocks should constantly touch the seat. Pinch your shoulder blades back and down as much as possible when lying down. Keep your muscles tight during the exercise. Remember to breathe. If you work out with heavy weights, ask for the exercise.

Contraindications to the bench press

Contraindications to this exercise may be any injuries that may strain the arms, wrists, spine, etc. Before starting the exercise, it is very important to properly prepare the player. Before pressing the first independent bench, it is worth asking for instructions and support from an experienced coach or person. There is also a properly defined payload.

Pressing the crossbar while lying down is a very popular exercise among experienced players and those just beginning their journey who have been training for some time. However, beginners cannot train with heavy weights right away. It is determined based on your body weight. Men will have different preparations than men Women who can also exercise with iron.


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