President Andrzej Duda will convene the National Security Council meeting on the anniversary of Russia’s attack on Ukraine

President Andrzej Duda has decided to convene the National Security Council, and the meeting is scheduled for February 24, said Marcin Przydac, head of the Office of International Policy at the President’s Chancellery. Topics to be discussed at the meeting include: Joe Biden’s visit and the Bucharest Nine Summit. Perhaps an important point is the tension on the Warsaw-Minsk line.

“The topic of the committee meeting will be the security situation in the region in the context of recent diplomatic events, including the visit of the US President and the B9 summit,” Przydac said in a tweet.

The meeting was scheduled for February 24, the first anniversary of the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine. It will start at 12:00 in the Presidential Palace.

The decision to convene the Security Council was announced shortly after the ninth Bucharest Summit, which was held in Warsaw with the participation of NATO President Jens Stoltenberg and US President Joe Biden.

“The President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda, in accordance with Article 135 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, convened the National Security Council on Friday, February 24, 2023,” the National Security Office statement read.

Tension on the Warsaw-Minsk line

Przydac did not specify specific topics that will be discussed during the meeting, but in recent days there has been great diplomatic tension between Warsaw and Minsk.

On Monday, Minister Mariusz Kaminsky decided to limit the traffic of Belarusian freight vehicles at the Kukoreki-Kozlovych border crossing.

Monday’s decision is a consequence of Minsk’s measures, which imposed restrictions on Polish airlines.

See: Belarus has restricted Polish drivers. Only one border crossing is operational

“From Saturday morning, Polish airlines can use only one border crossing if they are going to or returning from Belarus,” the border guard said on Saturday. This was due to Minsk’s move in response to the closure of the border crossing at Bobrowniki by Poland.

It was posted on Twitter: “Due to the restrictions imposed by the Belarusian side, airlines from Poland cannot use the border crossings in the section with Lithuania and Latvia.”


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