Premier League.  Chelsea's Marcos Alonso is tired of kneeling on the field

The brawl over kneeling came to a head not only during Euro 2020, as the Olympic Stadium, including fans from the British Isles, booed and bragged to the “three lions” players who knelt before the start of the quarter-final with Ukraine.

PGE Narodowy reacted no differently before the September confrontation between “Biało-Czerwonych” and “Wyspiarzami”. Moreover, the mixing of politics and sports was not liked by the fans at Wembley. Entrea witnessed the whistles before the semi-finals and final of Euro 2020.

Now Marcos Alonso has spoken about falling to the knee.

– I am totally against racism and any form of discrimination. However, I prefer to show it by pointing the finger at the inscription “No to racism” on the jersey, as representatives of other sports do in other countries – said Alonso.

Similarly, Robert Lewandowski opposed racism when the English were kneeling.

– I certainly prefer this form of showing my opposition to all forms of racism and I would like to emphasize that I respect everyone! – confirmed.

Urged by a journalist, he said that any form of solidarity other than kneeling with the victims of racism could weaken overtones of racism. He replied:

Some may view it as a less obvious gesture, but I can assure you that I wholeheartedly support the fight against racism. I’ll simply display it in a different way than kneeling.

Thomas Tuchel, the coach of the London team, has no problems with Alonso’s decision.

Marcos did not agree with us to change the form of protest against racism and I understand that the very fact of this change has ignited a debate – we do not live in a bubble. The most important thing for me is that I know Marcos Alonso and I trust him a thousand percent. He and the entire team are committed to combating all forms of apartheid or other forms of discrimination – the German coach emphasized.

The first Premier League star to refuse to kneel was Ivorian Wilfried Zaha.
I find falling to my knees before a match humiliating. When I was growing up, my parents told me to be proud of being black, no matter what.


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