In recent years, the phenomenon of individual films being changed by creators prior to their premiere has gained momentum. This usually occurs in response to massive mass protests, which often stigmatize and object to specific aspects of a particular production online. So you get the same fairy tale quality, plus the behavior of the cast members on and off set, or unacceptable deviations from the source material, if they exist at all.

Justice SquadAnd the Alien: CovenantAnd the AladdinAnd the predatorthe new Hellboy Only examples can be given in this field. The reasons for the changes in the above productions are varied. If we are to elicit a common denominator, it will often be the controversies surrounding the film and the resulting intense outcry in social media. In many cases, the authors themselves spoke of the introduced changes.

We have informed you on our website several times about the situations described in the table below. However, if you can identify other examples of the altered production before the premiere, please let us know in the comments.

Films changed after public protests

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