Portugal.  The quarantined cruise ship AIDANova has finished its cruise

the authorities Lisbon port It was announced that the resumption of the cruise ship’s voyage scheduled for Sunday evening would not take place, and the cruise was officially ended by the German ship-owning company. AIDA Cruises.

The explanatory note for the decision to end the voyage indicated that the voyage ended due to new cases of coronavirus infection among the ship’s passengers.

Confirmed until Sunday evening 64 injuries. The injured were taken to a Lisbon hotel, where they will be isolated. In total, he was on the German cruise ship 1,300 crew members and 3,000 passengers.

The Portuguese medical services reported that in the coming hours, people on a cruise ship had tests COVID-19 Tested negative, they will be flown to Lisbon Airport. They are likely to return to Germany on Sunday.

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