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For several days, just before 6:50 p.m., Polsat News’ program “Wydarzenia” was preceded by a panel of several seconds with Telewizja Polsat’s apology. It cannot be viewed by viewers of the program on the station’s main antenna or on Polsat Box or Polsat Box Go services.

Telewizja Polsat apologizes to the operator of the Play network – P4 spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością for the actions of broadcasting advertisements for the Plus mobile network services on the news feeds of the Polsat News channel in such a way as to suggest that they constitute impartial information, which constitutes a violation of the principles of fair competition – Inscription written on the white screen in black font.

Polsat lost the court dispute with Play

In 2011, Cyfrowy Polsat, owner of Telewizja Polsat, bought Polkomtel, the operator of the Plus network, i.e. a competitor to the Play network. Within the Polsat Plus Group, the TV, digital platform and mobile operator cooperate closely. Their services are sold in the same salons, And in June 2021, the company unified its image. Recently, there has also been a change in the status of Polsat News, Where a special Polsat Plus Group line was used.

A competitor of Plus and Polsat Box (Play bought the UPC cable network) to promote this company’s on-air offer for the Polsat News information channel, has complained to the court. – The post you are asking about is the result of a successful court dispute between P4 and Telewizja Polsat. Telewizja Polsat is obliged to publish an apology 14 days before the main release of events in Polsat News – informs Wirtualnemedia.pl Ewa Sankowska-Sieniek, Head of Play’s Press Office.

Tomasz Matwijczuk, director of corporate communications and spokesperson for Telewizja Polsat, did not want to comment on the matter. Cyfrowy Polsat spokeswoman Olga Zommer refers us to Plus’s press office. He does not answer questions on this matter.

According to National Broadcasting Council regulations, broadcasters must flag content containing product placement. It can happen in the case of movies, series, sports programs and entertainment programs. Not to appear on news and current affairs programmes.

However, it is sometimes difficult to assess whether we are dealing with self-promotion or illegal product placement. In September 2022, the National Broadcasting Council imposed 35,000 PLN fines on TVP and Polsat For self-promotion of New Year’s Eve parties. A month ago, this public broadcaster, unscathed, made it widely known about this year’s edition of the event. TVN24 and TVN’s “Fakty” have reported the series premiere of “Rod Dragon” on the Warner Bros.-owned HBO Max pay service. Discovery.

Polsat News has been publishing information about the activities of the relevant companies in its tapes for a long time. During Civic Platform’s tenure, the channel criticized the LTE frequency auction conducted by the then Minister of Administration and Digitization Andrzej Halicki.

According to Nielsen data, in 2022 Polsat News will have 1.98 percent. TV market share. In December last year average viewership for the main issue of “Wydarzenia” on Polsat News alone amounted to 269 thousand. People, which gave the station 2.09 percent. market share.

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