„Olaf Scholz zwleka z wysłaniem czołgów na Ukrainę” (fot.  Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Politico says German Chancellor Olaf Schulz is holding off on sending more military aid to Ukraine. As he described it, the position of the prime minister raises tensions in the ruling coalition. He goes, among other things, to supply about 100 German tanks to fight Russia, which were to be sent to Kyiv, but the decision is still long. Schulz made it clear in the Bundestag that he wanted to develop a joint EU-NATO approach and emphasize that “no one is in a hurry – including Germany”.

Self-criticism is growing in Germany. Berlin as Moscow’s last stronghold in Europe

Germany withholds European Union sanctions against Russia. Gas continues to flow from Moscow to Berlin. Germany pays Russia billions of euros, and Vladimir …

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According to the latest DeutschlandTrend poll by ARD . TV 45 percent of Germans think the German government’s response to the Russian attack is insufficient. While a majority of Germans four weeks ago thought the government’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was correct, only 37% now say so, down 16 points.

thwarting alliance partners

In response to the growing criticism within Germany as well, Olaf Schultz’s government prepared a plan to send about 100 tanks to Ukraine. The proposal was proposed by the Vice Chancellor and the Minister of Economy Robert Habeck Head of diplomacy Annala Barbukboth (also have the most support in the DeutschlandTrend study mentioned above).

Initially, the decision was due to be made this week. Now, however, the decision is pending due to The chancellor of the Social Democrats argues – to the frustration of his coalition partners – that Germany must first work out a common position with the Western allies on the issue.Before delivering such heavy military equipment, ”describes Politico.

How is Scholz translated?

The portal also cites arguments on Wednesday Olaf Schulz Presented as a speaker in the Bundestag. When asked about tank supplies, he explained that his government was doing “everything right and reasonable.” He added that it was important for him to coordinate with EU and NATO partners “to ensure that we provide military support in the same way and that no one is in a hurry – including Germany”. – I think that at this point it would be a huge mistake for Germany to take a special role and a special path – concluded the chancellor.

“Germany and France can cut off Russian gas without significantly harming their economies”

Germany no longer needs Russian gas. They just want it because it’s cheaper, says an international columnist for the Canadian Daily…

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His coalition partners: the Green Party and the liberal Free Democratic Party opposed the chancellor’s hesitation. While members of his government are conservative in their comments, voices are heard in the Bundestag that Germany “has not shown leadership” and should not “hide behind other countries”.

“to compensate for Putin’s funding”

The Germans, in particular, are considering sending light Marder tanks equipped with anti-tank missiles. The manufacturer, the German arms company Rheinmetall, indicated that 100 tanks of this type are currently on the premises of the company and are awaiting possible delivery. Deployment of Leopard heavy combat tanks through Berlin is also being considered.

Commentators estimate that by delivering the tanks, Berlin could “compensate” for the losses caused by the fierce criticism of opposing energy sanctions against Russia.

“If, for the foreseeable future, Germany is unable to stop the gas payments that bring Putin billions, battle tanks would be a good alternative,” Politico quoted Thorsten Behner, director of the Institute for Global Public Policy in Berlin, as saying.

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