Political earthquake in France, President Macron dissolves Parliament

Macron announced this decision after announcing the results of opinion polls in the European Parliament elections that took place on Sunday. They are talking about the victory of the far-right National Rally party, linked to Marine Le Pen, by a large margin.

The head of state said in a televised speech that the result of the European Parliament elections “is not a good result for the parties that defend Europe.” Macron said that empowering “nationalists and demagogues poses a danger to our nation, but also to Europe, and to France’s position in Europe and in the world.”

He estimated that the expected result for the extreme right was about 40 percent. Opinion polls say more than 30%. of the votes in the European Parliament elections for the National Union, but also by about 5 percent. For another far-right party – Reconquista.

Earlier on Sunday, the head of the National Rally Party, Jordan Bardella, announced, after announcing the results of the opinion polls, and before announcing the official results, that his party would demand that parliamentary elections be called.

The 28-year-old Bardella opened the ZN electoral list in the European Parliament elections – the former National Front, for a long time led by Marine Le Pen, who remains the unofficial leader of this party.

Marine Le Pen, the unofficial leader and former leader of the far-right National Rally party, announced after the European Parliament elections that her party was ready to hold new elections and take power in France “if the people trust it.”

Le Pen announced the results of the European elections that took place on Sunday, in which the National Front party won by more than 30 percent. Votes “It’s historic.”

He said: “We are ready to rebuild the country, we are ready to defend the interests of the French, we are ready to put an end to mass immigration, we are ready to make the purchasing power of the French a priority, and we are ready to start re-industrializing the country.” Leader of the French far right.

“There is a certain logic” in Macron’s actions

According to an expert from the Jacques Delors Institute, Macron’s decision “represents an obvious surprise,” but “there is a certain logic to it.”

“In a sense, this is a way to clarify the situation and prevent the opposition from interpreting the European Parliament elections for the next three years as a reason not to give more legitimacy to (President) Macron and his government,” the expert said. . In 2027, presidential elections will be held in France, in which the current head of state, who is in power, will not run for a second term.

Were it not for such a move, the opposition – especially the far-right National Rally party – could have accused the government of “losing the people’s votes but ignoring them.” “So, to some extent, this is probably an effective idea to give legitimacy to the next government — whatever that may be,” Masek said.

One possibility now is that the results of the parliamentary elections will be the same as the results of the last elections, meaning that there will be parties in parliament that are unable to cooperate with each other. Macron has set a date for the first round of elections to be held on June 30, so “it is very difficult to predict what the results of the elections will be, for which the election campaign will be very short,” as the political expert acknowledged.

From Paris Anna Froebel (PAP)


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