“Polish-Russian War”: 15 years since the premiere of Xawery Żuławski

“Polish-Russian War” It tells the story of Celne (Boris Schick), who does not agree with Magda (Roma Gosiorowska), because love is a constant battle. Filled with rage, strong as a shooting star he will travel at breakneck speed for days of his life in search of a recipe for happiness.

His bumpy path will be faced by extraordinary women: Angela (Maria Strzelecka) – a sensitive virgin full of crazy dreams, Nata (Sonja Bohusiewicz) – an old friend in love with the smell of powdered soup, Ola (Anna Prus) who seems shy, a tough seductress who admired her simple mind and is strong and… … Dorota (Dorota Maslowska) – a teenager whose entire film takes place in her head.

The writer did not just appear in front of the camera. She also participated in working on the script. “I had the feeling that most people have after reading a book: ‘There’s no movie here.’ Everything has to be written again somehow.” Dorota gently persuaded me to take it out of him. She drew my attention back to the book, to the fact that everything had already been written in it, and now we just needed to focus on the theatrical presentation,” the director admitted in Interview with Interia.

Żuławski remained very faithful to Masłowska’s novel. The “War…” characters still talk a lot. They have their own language, taken directly – word for word – from Masłowska. As if her book was already a ready-made text. You enter this world slowly, with some resistance. You have to get used to this syntax, this style, this rhythm.

You also had to get used to the heavy load of kitsch with which the director filled his film. “We knew from the beginning that it would be a bit difficult. We tried to implement it as best we could, but I must admit that such things happened in Poland for the first time, so we were not sure about it.” We knew that this situation was very hackneyed. “We can actually allow ourselves to be more or less creative. And we cannot forget that it all happens in the head of the writer who writes it, so the effect does not have to happen. “It is completely refined,” Żuławski explained. “.

The director also did not hide that while working on “The War…” he consulted his father, the author of “The Devil” and “Possession.” The film is dedicated to him. “I consulted with my father, and we talked about this project. He was not always present, but he supported us spiritually and had some very wise interventions. You could say he was the good soul of this film,” said Xawery Żuławski.

The Polish-Russian War is one of the most important and best Polish films of 2009. Reviewers noted the film’s form, which skillfully combined kitsch, exaggeration and comic relief with Masłowska’s specific language. The actors also received praise, especially Szyc and Bohosiewicz.

During the 34th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, she received the Silver Lions Award, the second prize of the event. The sound, costumes and lead role of Boris Shik also stood out. The film also received seven nominations for the Orzeł Polish Film Award. He received two statuettes – for the voice and the role of Szyc.

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