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The Polish Post Office at Ostrow Railway Station was used as a sorting facility for letters and parcels. The building in which it was located was very narrow, and the adjacent terrain made it difficult for delivery trucks to maneuver. From now on, he will work with the Ostrow staff in Kalisz.

The plans to move the screening plant have been going on for a long time. One of the empty buildings next to the former disco on Staropodziodzka Street was also considered. In the end, the company authorities chose a hall belonging to a foreign company and it was they who would pay for the rent of the place.

The new sorting plant is located in the economic zone Dobrzec-West in Kalisz. Poczta Polska has leased approximately 4,300 sq m in Panattoni Park Kalisz, of which more than 650 sq m is occupied by Modern Offices. The developer has adapted the space to the tenant and prepared it, among other things, a side ramp and a sorting room for correspondence.

The room in the Panattoni-owned facility is modern and functional. I am glad that this is where the Polish Post Office will be based. We do our best to get Kalisz to use his very good site. We are developing communication networks, modern facilities are being built, we are allocating more and more areas for industrial services – we are able to act as a logistics center. – Many private courier companies choose this site, and the Polish Post Office cannot be missing. Congratulations on your investment. Poczta Polska has worked very well and will now definitely continue to evolve.

Convenient location, perfectly connected to national roads, will make it possible to better serve the residents of the southern part of Wielkopolska County. In this area, the domestic postal operator distributes more than 88 million letters and advertisements as well as approximately 7 million parcels and express mails per month.

Representatives of the Poczta Polska board of directors and hall management officially inaugurated the new sorting plant by cutting the ribbon. Guests who attended the opening visited the facility and learned about the logistics process.

Members of Parliament, representatives of the Wielkopolska Voivodship office in Poznan, representatives of the Board of Directors, directors and directors of the company attended.

There will be a post office at the station and the postal staff will take their seats from where they will leave with letters and parcels to the addressee from Ostrów Wielkopolski.

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