Polish electrician on Swedish roads. Could be Ezera

An unusual car has been spotted on Swedish roads. Is this an Isera?

A mysterious vehicle with a Polish license plate has appeared on Swedish roads. The unusual sight has caused a stir and sparked speculation that it could be the Isera – the long-awaited electric car of the Polish brand. Although many would like to believe this, there are also doubts – for example, the factory where these cars will be produced has not yet been built.

Mysterious electric car It was spotted on Swedish roads on Monday. Experts speculate it could have had a Polish license plate. Faith.

“The car is unlike anything currently available on the market. There are many indications that it is a new Polish electric car, the Izera Z100, which will be built on the same technology as the Volvo EX3,” said carup.se.

Confusion on the roads in Sweden. Isera testing underway?

Posted on carup.se A photo sent in by a reader shows a camouflaged vehicle. Although it looks different from the prototypes the Polish electric car brand presented a few years ago, it could actually be the Jizera.

There are arguments that testing the car on roads near Stockholm makes sense, if we remember that the company, which was founded in 2020, signed a contract with Geely to produce new car models with the same technical structure as the Swedish Volvo EX30.

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However, there are also voices that deny these assumptions. The media could not get a comment from ElectroMobility Poland on this matter. It is also noted that at the moment There is no factory where the cars will be manufactured yet. Construction is scheduled to begin soon in Jaworzno, Silesia.

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