March 26, 2023


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Polish dial full of spots.  Most losers among families with children

Polish dial full of spots. Most losers among families with children

Although the vast majority of us will benefit from the Polish Lada, it is easier to trace among … families with children. After the changes made in the course of legislative work, the program took on a new form. Its impact on individual types of families was investigated by economists from the CenEA Center for Economic Analysis.

  • The changes proposed by PiS as part of the Polish deal will affect 12.3 million households out of 13.8 million in Poland.
  • The remaining 1.5 million families will not face major changes, as they will range from PLN 9.99 per month to PLN 9.99 per month
  • Yes. 800 thousand families will lose in the Polish Lada, of which up to 300 thousand. It will be a decrease in monthly income from PLN 250 and more
  • Interestingly, the analysis of economists shows that the people most likely to lose are in the group of … families with children. On the other hand, the most profitable group is among the marriages of retired people
  • More such information can be found on the Onet homepage

When the government presented the Polish deal program in mid-May, it assured that everything had been carefully calculated and thought out. Five months later, it turns out that the main PiS software looks very different than it did less than six months ago.