Polish ad £.  Middle-class comfort remains a problem.  for two amounts of income

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At the beginning of October Tax changes were adopted by the Chamber of Deputies as part of the reforms of the Polish system. One change is to increase health insurance premiums to 9%. And change its calculation rules for entrepreneurs. People in a sole proprietorship in return received an allowance Class The average, for people with an income of up to 13 thousand. PLN per month.

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Middle-class comfort is problematic

Terrain For the middle class, his calculation would be very complicated. This may mean problems getting it.

The problem is deciding how to calculate the allowance amount. In short – the sum of all revenue is reduced by ‘costs of doing business’. Unfortunately, the definition of personal income tax does not include the definition of “business costs”

– Confirms Teresa Warska of Systim.pl In an interview with ceo.com.pl.

There are only “tax exempt costs”, which may result in the taxpayer having to calculate a different tax income and a different income as part of taking advantage of the tax exemption. This is because if the entrepreneur deducts all costs, he may not be eligible for the allowance

– Summarizes Warska.

The middle class relief is not very flexible

pre-existing wrze¶niu Experts warned that relief for the middle class would create problems. Majorzata Samborska, Partner and Consultant tax In Grant Thornton Polska She noted that relief regulations are not flexible. In her opinion, the regulations were organized in such a way that exceeding a certain amount of income could lead to the loss of the right to exemption and, accordingly, the obligation to pay an additional amount taxes on an annual basis.

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