February 4, 2023


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Police after a serious collision on the S7: "to accurately identify the driver's image"

Police after a serious collision on the S7: “to accurately identify the driver’s image”

In a very dangerous situation from the northern part of the S7 (occurred on June 6, 2022) We wrote yesterday. On the highway towards Warsaw, Driving seat Ibiza, his wife and 4 years the youngest son stay paid by volkswagen Arton From the right lane to the handrail.

It happened moments after VW, driving the left lane dangerously close to the seat and hairspray; – & hairsp; where the path changed to the right & hairsp; – & hairsp; Manual passage of the road.

Register with the lessor

Yesterday we learned from the police that the officers are “on work […] Create a registration number Volkswagen passengers that may have contributed to the road accident. IT systems show it The rental company is the owner of the car Vehicle user identification request.

Today Autokult.pl received confirmation that the police are still waiting for a response from the company. However, this is not what the officers care about most.

According to witnesses Arteon driver After paying Ibiza I stopped – 300 meters from the scene of the accident for only 10 seconds – at the station Orlin. So we asked Whether the police have been able to secure the registration.

There is only one goal

– Investigations are carried out by police officers and for the sake of activities we will not reveal the details and the hairdresser; – noted the press officer of the municipal police headquarters in Olsztyn, Commander Rafai Prokopczyk & Hersp; – & hairspray; The additive & hairsp; – & hairsp; We can say therefore, that we have focused our attention on securing all available CCTV records There is only one goal: exactly Create a picture of the person sitting behind the wheel Volkswagen & Hersp; – & Hersp; assured.

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It is worth remembering that Dangerous driver case may be taken to courtWhere he may be accused of causing a road safety hazard. In addition to the fine, the court may take an additional decision A decision to suspend the driver’s license.

Inevitable judgment?

If the police fail to find the driver’s photo, The alleged offender may not refer to the person driving the vehicle.

But that doesn’t make it easier. The case may end in court anyway, where, differently from the fine procedure, (in which The highest penalty for not indicating the offender is 8000 zlotys) – An offender may be fined 20,000 to 30,000 for not disclosing. zloty. The court is not bound by the tariff.

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