Poles reach German chemicals.  See why.  We are speechless!

Interestingly, not all household chemical products are cheaper among our western neighbors. Many have the same prices as us. This of course means that it is less expensive for the Germans to buy them than for us. It must be remembered that they earn much better than the Poles. However, there are also products whose low price is shocking. For the Germans it must cost a penny!

What surprised us the most? Prices of laundry liquids and capsules. In Rossmann near Berlin, a 1.75 liter Lenor fabric softener was sold for less than 3.3 euros. It’s just over 14 Polish zlotys! In Poland, the same product costs about PLN 24. And that’s not all. In Germany, we came across the free 3+1 promotion. This means we bought four large bottles of Lenor for just over €13. This means 43 Polish zlotys. The cost of one package is less than 11 PLN! In Poland, such a low price is basically unattainable.

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