Polański’s wife took the floor.  “He looked like he was 30 years old. He didn’t have to rape anyone.”

Emmanuel SenerRoman Polanski’s wife of 33 years spoke for the first time in the French media about her husband and defended him against the accusations. It is reported that Al-Qutb has been tried by the American judiciary since 1977, when he fled the United States before the verdict was announced in a Los Angeles court in a minor rape case. In recent years, there have been other accusations against the Polish filmmaker of sexual assault.

Seigner stresses that the events that cast a shadow over Polański’s biography must be viewed in the appropriate context of the “times when there was consent” to such behaviour. He also stresses that a lot has changed since then. –We don’t have to love those times, but that’s how it was – The actress admitted In an interview with TF1.

He was 52 years old and appeared to be 30 years old. He was a great director. He was attracted, he didn’t have to rape anyone

– He reassured the artist, adding that “all the women wanted to sleep with him, including the younger ones.”

The conversation also touched on the topic of the 13-year-old girl Samantha GemerWho in 1977 was raped by a Polish director.

She was young, but she had sex before. She had a friend. She told Roman that she used recreational drugs from time to time. They kissed her together that day

Seigner acknowledged the vision.

As Polański’s wife claims to be Fabulous father and husband. The couple have two children: daughter Morgan (born in 1993) and son Elvis (born in 1998). According to Emmanuel, “The man he lives with is not what the media portrays.”

The actress admitted that while she thinks the #MeToo movement has brought a lot of good, she warns of the danger of abuse preventing it.

Emmanuel Sener She is a famous French model and actress. She made her debut in the cinema in 1984. Soon she met the Polish director Roman Polanski, who entrusted her with the role in his famous film “Frantic” (1988). She played a Parisian woman who helps the main character (Harrison Ford) find his kidnapped wife. A year later, the couple got married. Later, she met her husband again on the set. They worked together, incl. In “The Ninth Gate” and “Venus in a Fur Coat”.


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