Poland takes over another party after the Russians!  There is a decision

After Russia attacked Ukraine, the country lost the World Volleyball Championship which was moved to Poland. Now our country has taken up another prestigious event after the Russians.

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Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has isolated Moscow on the international scene. Russia has hit numerous economic sanctions, but the sports world is increasingly opposed to the brutal actions of Russian soldiers and the regime of Vladimir Putin. The best evidence of this can be seen in Russia’s reception of prestigious international events.

Due to the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia has already lost, among other things, the organization of the World Volleyball Championship, which the FIVB finally decided to organize in Poland. Now our country can boast of taking on another prestigious event. I’m talking about European Rugby 7.

It was originally assumed that the tournament will take place in Moscow, but this is a thing of the past. European Rugby, the international organization of national rugby unions, initially suspended Russia’s national teams, then wrested the right of the Russian national team from hosting the final tournament of the European Championship.

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In recent weeks, the fate of the event is in the balance, and the Polish rugby union has been very actively seeking to organize it. Thanks to the efforts of President Dariusz Olszewski, the best European teams will compete for the title at Wisla Krakow Stadium from 1-3 July 2022.

The men’s and women’s teams will compete in the capital, Malopolska. The ladies will play the first two days of the event (Friday, Saturday), and the gentlemen will participate in the event on Saturday and Sunday.

Polish fans can mainly pin their hopes on the performance of the women’s national team, which can now be proud of the title of European runner-up. In the last final, the Russians turned out to be better than the Polish women, but due to the decision of Rugby Europe to exclude them from the tournament, they will not defend the title, which means that Piao Zeroni are the main contenders for the championship. .

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