June 5, 2023


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Poland is fighting for this giant plant.  VW postpones the investment decision

Poland is fighting for this giant plant. VW postpones the investment decision

We can still have our own car factories. Our cars from the People’s Republic of Poland weren’t crazy when it came to design, but they could compete with western cars in terms of price. As proof, I have a Chinese example. Chinese goods, whether clothes, toys, or now electronics and automobiles, were in a much worse quality than our products in the People’s Republic of Poland, but they kept Western goods out of the market, precisely because of price. Balcerowicz and his colleagues made it impossible. Balcerowicz set a high and stable zloty exchange rate for more than a year, so our factories could not compete with the low prices and went bankrupt. The factory in Bielsko-Biala was sold for PLN 1, which was much lower than the price of scrap metal, including the workers’ housing estate. In the years 1990-2001, Poland lost PLN 4 billion due to privatization and destruction of national assets by the liberals. This is many times more than what we have received from the European Union since the beginning of our accession. Our development began only in 2016, although it must be admitted that when Professor Kołodko was Minister of Finance and Economics in the 90s, the growth rate was also very impressive. Only, unfortunately, we were making up for losses after the governments of Pilki and Sokoca. After 1997, AWS from the University of Warsaw, Buzek and Palsrowicz came to power and plunged Poland into another recession. The thieving liberals cannot be allowed to return to power. We will only reach the level of per capita GDP in France if Targowica, which is supposed to subjugate Poland to Germany and obliterate the reparations issue from Germany, is no longer in power. If Targowica takes over, we will be relegated to the level of Romania, or even lower. Bread will cost PLN 10 instead of PLN 3 as it is now. Liberal rule in the 1990s delayed us 15 years of development. We could have had the current level of GDP and earnings in 2007. In the early 2000s, many Polish scientists had a lot of inventions. However, due to the fact that the liberals destroyed state-owned industry and stifled the development of our private enterprises, these inventions could not have been put into production in Poland. They have been patented in the West, especially in the USA, and are now often known to have been invented there. By 2015, nothing had improved. What happened to the Polish Graphene during the PO-PSL government??? If the PO were in power now, we would have the highest inflation rate in Europe. Interest rates will be higher than the highest rates of inflation in purchase orders. Loan installments will be 4 times higher. But it wouldn’t be the worst, because 6 million people would be out of work. Not only will people lose their jobs, but they will also lose the roof over their heads

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