April 1, 2023


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Poland fortifies the border with Russia. Anti-tank hedgehogs of steel and concrete

And the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense posted on social media pictures of anti-tank barriers erected on the road near the border with Russia.

The Armed Forces Support Inspectorate also published photographs of the steel dams, stating that they were made by repairmen from military technical workshops.

Anti-tank bulkheads made of angular bars connected to each other are called “hedgehogs”. These types of facilities are widely used during The war in Ukraine. In the first weeks of the Russian invasion, many anti-tank hedgehogs were deployed on the streets of Kiev and on the main roads of the country.

From the beginning of November 2022 temporary dam From the concertina on the Polish-Russian border lays the army. The structure was created at the request of the border guards.

As many soldiers as needed will participate. We have not set any deadlines, but the construction will be short,” Mariusz Puszczak said in November. He added that the dam is 2.5 meters high and 3 meters wide.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense claimed that this structure would be built in response to “flights from the Middle East and North Africa to Kaliningrad”. He also pointed to migrants heading to Poland from Belarus from 2021. At that border last year, the government erected a fence, often called “the wall” by those in power.

In early February, border guards reported that in March, construction of an electronic barrier would begin on the border with the Kaliningrad region.