Poland donated AstraZeneca vaccines to Egypt

“More than 100,000 vaccines against COVID-19 are moving today from Warsaw to Cairo. Donating vaccines to Egypt is an expression of solidarity with Poland’s important partner in North Africa,” the Foreign Ministry reported on Twitter.


As he stressed in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, facing the disease and its effects requires efforts at the global level, and in combating the disease. Pandemic COVID-19 It is extremely important to have equal and safe access to vaccinations, which are still missing in many places around the world. We read that increasing the number of people vaccinated on a global scale is an important step in the fight against a global pandemic.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We are strengthening bilateral relations

“In Poland, there are currently enough vaccines for all willing citizens, which allows us to share our resources with foreign partners in need. Egypt is another country that Poland is supporting in the implementation of the vaccination program. The transfer of vaccines to Cairo is not only in response to the reported demand, but is also an expression About Poland’s close cooperation with Egypt, which remains among our main partners in the Arab world. The experience of more than 70 years of bilateral relations obligates us to strengthen bilateral relations, including supporting the Egyptian authorities in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic “- we read in the statement.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the donation of vaccines is a symbolic expression of support and solidarity with the countries of the African continent. As part of the international solidarity and the fight against the epidemic, Poland has already sent medical equipment and personal protective equipment to the countries of this region, in addition to the first batch of vaccines that went to Kenya. Vaccines have also been donated to, inter alia: Vietnam, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Australia and Norway.

The Ministry of Diplomacy emphasized that “at the same time, development aid projects are being implemented that also help eliminate the negative effects of the pandemic. In the spirit of this solidarity, Poland is sending COVID-19 vaccines to Egypt today.”

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