Poland - Belgium.  ukasz Kaczmarek has dismantled his rivals.  ME . volleyball players
  • In their fourth match in the European Volleyball Championship, Poland beat Belgium 3-0
  • Biało-Czerwoni is already one step closer to winning the competition in Group A
  • In the match between Poland and Belgium, Łukasz Kaczmarek, who was attacking the match, performed very well.
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Poland’s starting lineup includes quarterback Grzegorz Łomacz and striker Łukasz Kaczmarek, replacing Fabian Drzyzga and Bartosz Kurek. The first group certainly belongs to Kaczmarek. He attacked successfully (he finished 5 out of 8 attacks), but also scored points by blocking. He accumulated seven “eyes” in total. Anyway, our entire team did really well on the block. Biao Zeroni’s team scored seven points. Łomacz’s performance was decent in the match. Unfortunately we were worried about accepting our team again. Head coach Sam Derow ended up with only 3 out of 11 balls.

In the second group, Fernando Munoz Benitez players caused many problems for the Polish national team. The Belgians are finally starting to play. In addition, Hendrik Turlinks, who finished six balls, was flawless in attack. Our team has obviously improved the reception, thanks mainly to Pawe Zatorski. Captain Micha Kubik also did well in this element. Unfortunately, he didn’t finish any of the four balls in attack. However, he saved the only ace in this group for our team. The Belgians have played the game for a long time. They even had a three point advantage. But then the coach Vital Heinen, who played against his compatriots, made a double change, in which Chumash and Kachmarek were replaced by Drzega and Korek. It helped. The Whites and the Reds made up for the losses, and in the end were more effective.

The third group is again a slight advantage for Belgium and the Poles are chasing after their rivals. Kubik failed to attack again. During the entire match, he finished two of the 13 balls. From the 11:12 situation, the Poles scored another seven points. Thanks mainly to Kaczmarek’s strong play and the good performance of our group, especially Piotr Nowakowski, who scored four points with this item. Piao Ziruni’s team did not give up this advantage until the end of the group, and they probably won the whole match.

Poland – Belgium 3: 0 (25:18, 26:24, 25:16)

Poland: Grzegorz Łomacz (2 points), Piotr Nowakowski (12), ukasz Kaczmarek (15), Wilfredo Leon (13), Michał Kubiak (5), Mateusz Pinnick (8), Bawi Zatorski (Libero), Damian Wojciek (Libero) Fornal ( 1), Fabian Drzyzga, Bartosz Couric, Camille Semenyuk.

Belgium: Stijn D’Hulst, Hendrik Tuerlinckx (16), Sam Deroo (14), Arno Van de Velde (1), Wout D’Heer (3), Mathijs Desmet (12), Martin Perin (Libero) oraz Matthijs Verhanneman, Jelle Ribbens (Libro), Bram van den Drees (2), Lennert van Elsen, Liam McCluskey.

The judges are: Vlastimil Kovar (Czech Republic) and Demir Olezhnik (Russia).

Viewers: 8316.

Match path:

I put: 5:4, 10:7, 15:9, 20:13, 25:18.

The second group: 3:5, 10:9, 14:15, 19:20, 25:24, 26:24.

Third group: 4:5, 9:10, 15:12, 20:13, 25:16.

From Krakow – Tomas Kalimba, Unit Sport

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