Pogon Szczecin vs PGE FKS Stal Mielec.  Six goals again [FOTO]

Almost 20,000 fans, including about half a thousand from Mielec, watched a Football League match between Pogoń Szczecin and PGE FKS Stala Mielec. The hosts play for the podium, and Stahl collects points to keep calm. In the fall, Staal defeated Pogoń 4:2 at home, the score was repeated again, but this time Szczecin’s team won.

Football, PKO BP Ekstraklasa
4:2 (2:0)


1: 0 – 5 minutes
– 11. Kamil Groske (penalty)
2: 0 – 45 minutes 21- Matthews Matras (suicide bomber)
3: 0 – 55 minutes 27. Sebastian Kowalczyk (penalty)
3:1 – 60 minutes – 9. Rauno Sabinen
3:2 – 68 min – 9. Rauno Sabinen
4:2 – 75 minutes – 9. Pontus Almqvist

quest: 1. Dante Stipica – 4. Leo Borges, 23. Benedikt Zech, 68. Danijel Loncar, 41. Pawe Stolarski (69, 33. Mariusz Malec), 99. Mateusz Łęgowski, 20. Alexander Gorgon, 11. Kamil Grosicki © (80 15. Marcel Wrychowski) 27. Sebastian Kowalczyk (88′ 72. Yadigar Rustami) 22. Vahan Pesakhchian (69′ 7. Rafai Kurzawa) 9. Pontus Almqvist (88′ 13. Konstatin Triantafilopoulos)
Reserves: 81. Bartosz Klepaniuk – 74. Dawid Ryan, 61. Kasper Smolenski, 73. Adrian Przyborek.
Coach: Jens Gustafsson

steel: 41. Bartosz Mrozek – 17. Fabian Hiszpański (46 ‘ 24. Maciej Wolski), 26. Arkadiusz Kasperkiewicz, 21. Mateusz Matras, 4. Marcin Flis, 23. Krystian Getinger © (79, 6. Leandro), 8. Koki Hinokio , 16. Pawełajra, 18. Piotr Wlazło (46′ 9. Rauno Sappinen), 7. Maciej Domański (89′ 11. Mikołaj Lebedyński), 92. Bartłomiej Ciepiela (79’ 10. Matthews Mack)
Reserves: 1. Mateusz Kochalski – 74. Kamil Kruk, 30. Konrad Guka
Coach: Camille Keres

Yellow cards: Stipica, Almqvist (Pogon)Rafts, Mrozek (iron)

Judges: Piotr Lasyk (Assistantes: Krzysztof Myrmus, Damian Rokosz; Technician: Karol Arys; VAR: Damian Sylwestrzak, Arkadiusz Kamil Wójcik).

Match track

host attack guest attack

The game started disastrously for Steele. In Pogo’s first action, Fleece was loaded with the ball. After analyzing the VAR for a long time, the referees awarded a penalty to Porter and Groske led the home side into a 1–0 lead after a while.


After half an hour of play it should be 1:1. Stipica fouled Wlazła in the penalty area and Stal took a penalty kick. Preparations for this element of the game took a very long time and Maciej Domański lost the test of nerves. He hit the pole. Porters saved the lead.

The first half started badly, and ended badly. Chase attacked mainly by using Grosky’s entire flank marches. This footballer worked the most for the second goal of the Porters. When he played with his friends, they messed up the shooting situations. When he ran into the penalty area and directed the ball towards the goal, Matras hit the running back and the ball fell into the net. The break is 2:0 for Pogo.


This result did not reflect the course of the match, because Stal was not much weaker, tried to create a break through Szczecin’s disciplined defense, and used high pressure.

Chase was a pioneer because Stahl gave gifts to the hosts. Another birthday gift for porters is Sappinen’s work, presented after the break. Shortly after the restart, he picked up a stray ball and found himself in a one-on-one situation. But it didn’t hit the grid. But later he rehabilitated himself.

In the 55th minute we saw the third penalty kick in this match. This time Murzuq made a mistake in a one-on-one situation. The penalty kick was taken by Kowalczyk hesitantly and it became 3: 0. And this almost ended the match.

Almost, because Stal after a while hit the net of competitors. There was confusion in Stipeka’s penalty area after a corner kick, until the ball landed at the feet of Sabinin, who eventually scored.

Stal made a powerful comeback in the 68th minute. Sabinen headed home for the second time in this match! The steel pierced the wing. At first, the referees decided it was offside, but the VAR made the goal count!

As Stal moved to equalize with more players, he stumbled into a stunning counter-attack by the hosts. The Grosicki-Almqvist duo sought to defend Mielec and extended it to 4:2.


Matthews Mack had a chance at another contact target. He closed Leandro’s cross with his head, but the ball missed Szczecin’s goal connection. Mielcz residents tried to chase their rivals to the last, but they already managed to defend themselves and took revenge on Stal in the fall defeat 2:4 in Mielec. Chase is closer to the podium, and Stahl still has to find some missing points to hold on.

The match in Szczecin, after several hours of driving, reached the Stal fans – at a strength of about half a thousand. For the occasion, for the first time since their return to the Ekstraklasa, they charter a special train. This is probably the longest train ride for football fans in Poland!


direct table

Results and schedule

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