Born in Montreal in 1939, he began working in the radio world at the age of 15 as an announcer.

Interested in poetry, he publishes about thirty collections dedicated to body and soul.

Poetry was a way for him to improve his daily life, Explained in an interview with Robert Pillon, the director who worked with Michael Carney on several radio shows on Radio-Canada.

The insane company of clarity

Michael Corneo, through his works, sought to poetize everyday life, but without any illusions. He was engaged in the apparently insane profession. That is his key sentence, Said Robert Blondin.

In addition to his poetry collections, he publishes several books for the theater, including the author Emily can no longer be picked up by Animon (1981), Monique Mercury and Michael Rosignol were translators. Many of his plays have been translated and performed around the world.

The playwright is praised for his translations into Quebec of many plays, but also poems, including Leonard Cohen.

On the radio, Michael Corneo plays mainly on Radio-Canada, where he hosts among others. Star spaces, Grand’Jace And Happiness.

Michael Corneo and Armande Saint-Jean hosted the show “La Grandez”.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guy Dubois

He was twice awarded the Governor-General of Canada Award: in 1978 for his collection of poetry Love horses; For his play in 1990 Madomycell Rouge.

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