PlayStation 3 is almost 18 years old.  Here are the best launch titles from this console

In just a few months, we’ll be celebrating the 18th anniversary of the PlayStation 3 console, which, along with the Xbox 360, revolutionized our industry forever. On this occasion, we decided to take a look at the initial PS3 launch titles.

It’s hard to believe, but the PS3 will soon be celebrating its 18th birthday, which means this device can definitely be called a retro console. 18 years ago, Sony really tried to produce a bunch of great products that had to convince unsuspecting consumers that Japanese equipment was what they needed in their homes. As we well remember, competition from Xbox 360 was very strong.

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So today I decided to review over 30 PlayStation 3 releases from the European market. Yes, instead of limiting it to just the US premiere, I’ve included the full range of productions from the European PS3’s debut on March 23, 2007. In honor of the console’s upcoming 18th birthday, I’ve selected the best 18 games from the period (based on to the results of the reviews) so that together we can remember what it was like a dozen or so years ago. Did you buy a PS3 at launch, or did you get an Xbox 360 at that time?

The Resistance: The Fall of Man – 86

According to reviewers, it’s the best launch game on PlayStation 3, and it’s hard to disagree with that. Sony and Insomniac Games put together a fantastic space shooter with couch co-op that was as fun and epic as the ones in Gears of War. The success of the first installment led to the creation of two other main installments and two spin-offs, which are still worth playing.

Virtua Fighter 5 – 85

Fighting games have been selling consoles for a long time, as the Xbox 360 discovered when it launched Virtua Fighter 5. And Sony couldn’t do worse, so for the launch of the PS3, Sega prepared a slightly improved version of the game for its compatriots, which offered, among… Other things, an online multiplayer game, which, as you know, was free and did not require any subscription like in the console competition.

Firestorm – 84

The first MotorStorm trailers were so beautiful that it was impossible for the next-gen games to look so great. In the end, despite the visual downgrade, MotorStorm offered absolutely fantastic gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a great competition system in which large vehicles meet two-wheelers. Genius and adrenaline in its pure form!

Fight Night Round 3 – 83

Although boxing as a sport is not for everyone and many people are not as passionate about it as they once were, the premiere of Fight Night Round 3 in 2007 created as much buzz as any other FIFA or Madden NFL game. You can laugh a little, but many people have already bought the console exclusively for this production from Electronic Arts.

Gran Turismo HD-82 concept

Before the full Gran Turismo 5 hit the market, the concept of Gran Turismo HD appeared on the PlayStation Network servers, giving us a kind of preview of what next-gen racing could really look like, which, unfortunately, was simply missing on the PS3 for a long time – it was The competitor has Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing, and Sony has had to rely on other third-party games.

Tekken Dark Resurrection – 82

Tekken 5 was a huge hit on PS2, so when the updated version of the game with online play was released on PlayStation 3, a large number of fans once again picked up this great title to kick their friends and some random opponents’ asses online. It may not have been a system seller, but it was certainly a title worthy of attention.

NBA Home Court Street – 81

The PlayStation 3’s European premiere was dominated by sports games, including the fourth installment of the hugely popular NBA Street series. Developers EA Sports Big have put on another show of their skills here, giving us great basketball with a strong dose of exciting music, a great gameplay system, and sheer fun.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 – 81

Another sports title, of course. This time, Tiger Woods and his collection of clubs have come to PS3 so we can play in peace. It was a real treat for golf fans, especially since EA gave so much of itself, presenting us with a solid and good-looking title for connoisseurs of this sport.

Call of Duty 3 – 80

After two great Call of Duty installments, the series made its debut on the PlayStation 3 in its main form, and not, as before, in a slightly episodic form. Activision focused on well-known motifs from World War II with a touch of innovative solutions related to the SixAxis console. Pillow paddling and other attractions were supposed to take immersion in this blockbuster movie to a higher level.

Virtua Tennis 3 – 80

Sega has prepared some great launch products for the PlayStation 3, because apart from Virtua Fighter 5, PS3 owners can play the best virtual tennis game on the market – no other series can compare to the absolute gem and masterpiece Virtua Tennis 3. It’s a shame that this series has been forgotten Because there is a demand for virtual tennis and this has been shown with the return of Top Spin.

NHL 2K7 – 79

In Europe, hardly anyone cares about hockey as much as in the USA or Canada, but if someone expects a good sports production with next-gen influences and great immersion, few EA series can compare to what competitive NHL 2K has offered. Today the situation has reversed, but 17 to 18 years ago things seemed different.

Ridge Racer 7 – 78

Ridge Racer was perhaps the only series in the world that was synonymous with the launch title. PSX got Ridge Racer, PS2 got Ridge Racer 5, PSP got Ridge Racer, Xbox 360 got Ridge Racer 6, and PS3 had to get Ridge Racer 7. The crazy races won the hearts of fans, but they fell just short of the top league Universal Racing. But let’s be honest, everyone who bought the RR7 knew what to expect and was more or less satisfied.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent – 78

At a time when Sam Fisher was at the peak of his career, the release of each subsequent Splinter Cell series was a celebration. The fantastic gameplay, epic spy story, and promise to push the true potential of next-gen consoles have captured the imagination of many fans of the iconic agent. Unfortunately, performance issues on PS3 brought the game’s ratings down a bit.

Marvel: Final Alliance – 78

In 2007, the word Marvel didn’t resonate with anyone as much as it would a few years later, but if someone wanted to start with a cute collaborative title for a casual sit-down with friends over a drink, there probably wasn’t a better choice. Riots, mayhem, iconic heroes, and more brawling can encourage even the most devoted comic book fans to have a good time.

Tony Hawk Project 8 – 76

When Electronic Arts announced the skateboarding game, few people knew that it would replace the Tony Hawk brand on the pedestal of the best skateboarding brand in history. Project 8 wasn’t as impressive as previous games signed by the legendary skateboarding champion, but it was the kind of return to the roots that fans had been clamoring for after Undergrounds and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.

Need for Speed: Carbon – 75

Today it is said that Need for Speed: Carbon is the last good NFS game and maybe there really was something to it? Maybe not the last good one, but it’s the last of the old school of making Need for Speed ​​games that put atmosphere first, slowly losing some ground to the success of Underground and Most Wanted. Today, Carbon is still able to entertain, but was a long way from reaching the top NFS league.

Formula One Championship Edition – 74

Formula 1 from Sony? This is perhaps Sony’s most forgettable title in the company’s history. When we think of Formula 1, we all think of Codemasters or old Electronic Arts games, but few people today remember that the PS3 launched in Europe with a truly next-gen racer with Formula 1 in the lead role. Graphically, it was great, but perhaps those were only the real merits of this production. It was okay, but nothing more.

Al-Arrab: Al-Don Edition – 70

The Godfather on PS3? Most of us remember the PC version, PS2 version, or Xbox 360 version, but the game’s debut on PS3 went largely unnoticed. Why? It was one of the weaker versions of this classic game and was often glossed over in materials promoting Sony’s console.

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