Player saves from death thanks to a headset.  Razer boss reacts to the post with amazing photos

The player named Enough_Dance_956 does not have to participate in any lotteries anymore, as we might suspect that he ran out of luck a few days ago. During one of the morning sessions, a stray bullet was found in his house that hit the headband of the speakers.

Last week, there was a post on Reddit with the vaguely titled “Razer Saved My Life,” in which the user would like to thank Razer for developing a solid headset. The way the equipment was made had a direct impact on saving the 18-year-old from death or at least permanent damage to his health. We can read in the letter:

Hello everyone who sees this. I am trying to contact someone at Razer to thank them wholeheartedly. Wednesday morning at 10:30 am a stray bullet went through my window and hit the Razer headphones on top of my head. Without these high quality headphones, I would be dead at 18. I can’t I can even imagine the pain my family and friends would feel.”

Part of the community didn’t believe the story, mainly due to the date it was published (before April 1 around), so the player posted photos to confirm his statement, and Razer reps took note of his story.

Min-Liang Tan (CEO of Razer) posted a short message Stop – that’s crazy. I’m glad you’re okay! “. The CEO of the company also published an article about it on his social media.

What happened exactly? According to the young player’s account, last Wednesday around 10:30 a stray ball broke through the window of the room and hit the headphones. Thanks to the metal shaft, the bullet bounced off his head, giving him a real headache. The young man handed a bullet to the police, who are investigating the matter. We can suspect that if Enough_Dance_956 were to set the headset a little differently or sit in a different position, you wouldn’t be able to write this message. I must admit he was very lucky.

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