Pizza Lovers: Quebec City’s New Must-See Restaurant

Roman pizza thanks to Quebec MoresoA new destination that offers an experience as captivating as the original!

Freshness, creativity, abundance and simplicity meet at this anti-boutique restaurant located on 3rd.e Quebec Avenue, in Limoyle.

After the Neapolitan pizza, make the Roman pizza, an easily recognizable pizza thanks to its long and rectangular shape! We love its light and fluffy dough, and it’s good to reheat (or not) the next day!

Renowned chef and world champion Mirko D’Agata, together with his culinary brigade, brings us the best pizzas: from the classic Margherita & Straciata di Burrata to popularity Zucchini & Ricotta, By World Champion Pancetta Coppota & Roasted Hazelnuts!

In Quebec, Morzo has become the province’s third boutique-counter, essential for stocking the best Quebec and Italian products: apricot spread from Vesuvius, Peranzana olive oil, Rosa di Tropea onion antipasti, etc.

3 with Morsoe Avenue, it’s a gourmet delight guaranteed… to eat in, take out or deliver.

Opens Friday, April 7th!

1099.3e Avenue, Quebec

For more details, Click here.

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