pit.  Payers warn of mistakes in the settlements.  "The discount must reach PLN 741, and the entered PLN 370"

From February 15th on your online accountpit Annual tax returns for natural persons are available, which have been prepared and made available by the National Revenue Administration. After entering the discounts or transfer of 1%. Tax, you only need to accept the document. However, more and more people pay attention to carefully check all the data before accepting your certificate.

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Errors in previously prepared tax returns. Sometimes you have to wait a couple of days or correct the data manually

Stories of taxpayers who notice errors in their tax returns are provided through the portal interested in trade.com.pl. One reader collaborated with two employers, but within a year changed them to two more employers. You are on-pit So there should be four documents.

– I entered an e-PIT and added my husband and was about to accept my tax return when I saw the headline: “We have prepared your tax return based on 3 documents”. My papers were missing. On the hotline, I heard I wait a day or two for the certificate to appear in the system. And in fact, on February 17, it was already and I was able to settle my accounts. However, if I had not noticed the error, I had to correct my certificate – says Victoria.

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pit. Discount on household appliances and furniture. How can it be obtained?

But Mrs. Eulina noticed something wrong with me comfort for baby. – My son is eight months old, the relief should be 741 zlotys, and the certificate with an account of 370 zlotys. On the other hand, the daughter counts well, PLN 1112.04. It turns out that the son was split in half. Half for my husband and half for me. I had to correct by hand – tells the gate.

The discount for children is added automatically – otherwise it will be added cases Other discounts, such as thermal update or on Internetwhich must be entered manually. Moreover, the declaration in the e-PIT service is completed individually for each taxpayer. Thus, the method of tax settlement may change when we want to settle tax with spouse or single parent.

Your e-pitHow is PIT settled online? When should this be done? [PORADNIK]

The 2021 PIT must be settled by May 2

Before accepting the certificate, it is also worth giving 1%. Tax on public benefit enterprises. The system will display the same organization that was indicated in the settlement for 2020. If we want to support this organization again, we do not have to change anything. In case of changes, select the “Change organization” option and select the KRS number from the list.

It is worth adding that the immutability of certification Implementation People who work full time and run a business will not be able to find an e-PIT. – People who communicate work Working full time with running a company, they should remember that if they earn income from these two sources, they will be required to prepare a PIT-36 or PIT-36L permit themselves. There are no pre-filled ads in your e-PIT application – Teresa Warska from the portal Systim.pl reported.

Invoice must be sent by May 2. After this time, personal income tax will be accepted automatically.

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