Piotr Gąsowski is tired of haters.  Sharp reaction to attacks after Beata K.

Peter Gusowski He often commented on the surrounding reality via social media. Recently, he spoke in The case of Beata K. The famous singer, who was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Actor and host of the showYour face looks familiarHe admitted that he was “horrified by this wave of hateful statements.” Righteous people never “err”who attacked the actress online for her outrageous behavior.

“I mean Beata Kozydrac, recently described as Peta K., and posts her pictures with a black line on her eyes! Equal to bad guys who have murdered, raped, robbed on purpose and done nothing good in their lives!” Are we really tough enough to kick the liar, in this case the liar? Or maybe we want to put Beata Kozydrac in prison for two years?! Or maybe public stoning or public flogging will bring us joy?! “- wrote on Instagram.

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Piotr Gąsowski talked about Beata K. He was defeated by a wave of criticism

The entry of Piotr Gąsowski caused a storm on the network, and many netizens said that the actor was defending the singer. Instead, a large wave of hateful comments fell upon him, and he now decided to respond to them. And on Sunday evening, he posted a video on Instagram, in which he firmly referred to the assaults he had been subjected to.

Today’s post will be a spoken post, or actually a read post, because I don’t like that – like the previous post (…) – it has been skewed to add content that was never there– announced.

Peter Gusovsky said:He already has holes in his nose to explain and convince him to pay attention to the weakest and their shortcomings“, And “I am tired of proving that human divisions can be circumvented and other levels of understanding can be foundAdded:

Piotr Gąsowski revealed that he was already tired of the haters’ attacks, which intensified after the publication of the post about Beata K. The actor said that “a wave of mindless, hateful rhetoric has overcome him, at least for the time being.”. Added:

“Today, words which I have put in my mouth and have never spoken before, and with which I have never made myself known, twist my thoughts. (…) In my last message, I spoke only of the human right to repent and to correct one’s mistakes. I have never defended these actions, and I am still under attack that I am defending. (…) I do not want to explain all this anymore, ”- he said bitterly.

Pyotr Gusovsky also mentioned the most common attacks against him, He also cited the most aggressive insult he had read about himself from haters. Among them was the allegedly irresponsible father. At the end of the recording, admit it He decided to suspend his activities on Instagram. It is to explain:

You can watch the full recording of Piotr Gąsowski below:

Beata K. He was driving under the influence of alcohol

Beata P., better known as Beata K., was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. And revealed the “fact” that the event took place on Wednesday, September 1 approx. 20.05 at the intersection of Batorego and Al. Niepodległości in Warsaw. Al Thuraya was able to confirm this Officers arrested a 61-year-old woman who was drunk driving a BMW. Robert Konozzi From the district police headquarters in Warsaw 2 the study informed us that the artist detected about two per mile of alcohol in exhaled air. She has been charged, and carries a sentence of up to two years in prison for her misconduct.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Beata K.

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