Piotr Adamczyk has a second Instagram account.  He introduces himself as Jurek from USA

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Peter Adamczyk It has been in the United States for a long time, where Starred in Marvel’s production of “Hawkeye”. He spent his spare time outside the group visiting the country. This is how the idea of ​​running an Instagram account was born. The actor decided to publish under the pseudonym “Jurek z USA”. Interestingly, he managed to keep the profile a secret for a year.

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Piotr Adamczyk has a second Instagram account. He introduces himself as Jurek from USA

Peter Adamczyk He created the “Jurek” account in November of last year, but it was only recently discovered by the media. Although the actor in this version could not boast of a large number of fans of his real name, Jurek is still watched by more than seven thousand people.

I’m Jurek from Poland I live in the US – we read in the profile description.

Adamczyk has been able to post 35 jobs. Most of them are short recordings telling a little bit about life in Los Angeles with a lot of humor. The actor pretends to be annoyed by the pole outside. In the videos, he speaks in an altered voice, and fans laugh at the way he portrays reality. The account was supposed to be a humorous springboard, but Adamczyk was unveiled by fellow industry associate, Joanna Koroniewska.

Yurik, you’re not here, because people are flooding me with questions – that you have a face similar to a Polish actor. Has anyone ever told you that? – I wrote in the comments.

The representative responded. He wasn’t excited to find out. He admitted that thanks to this entry, more and more Internet users will begin to visit him. Of course, he kept pretending to be “the ordinary Yorick.”

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you have it here. I’ve knocked a lot of people over my head. And I’m not ready here. (…) So yeah, Joanna Koroniuska, I’ve already passed, and I have no regrets about you. I wish full reciprocity. I heard you’re throwing a house party. I will pay you later. (…]Just without any trips to any similarity. People are different, even when they are alike. He answered and I’m sick of this comparison.

I must admit that we did not know Peter Adamczyk in this respect. Did you expect her to have a good sense of humor?

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