Piotr ¯y³a played for France in a match in honor of Antoni Piechniczka.  Score the last goal

Wesla During this year’s outing, they celebrate their 80th birthday Anthony Beknicka. In honor of the former football player and coach Poland national team Many events and attractions have been prepared, but the most interesting was Game Ensuring an emotional journey into the past.

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Żyła: “Oh, it’s not like that anymore. But I’m recovering”

The football duel was aimed at remembering the legendary match for third place in the 1982 World Cup. Exactly where the Poles, led by Piechniczka, dealt with the French. – Even the shirts are the same – emphasized the representatives of the city on Instagram. On Sunday, the last team, who lived near the Vistula, decided to play Piotr Żyła.

Małysz was surprised by the new FIS idea. ‘Maybe because of the World Cup’

– I was playing soccer yesterday. This is the first time in 7 years in the big stadium. Oh, the condition isn’t that anymore. But I’m recovering – the world champion from 2021 wrote on his Instagram profile. – It was a pleasure to play for the French national team, but fortunately Poland won – added the 35-year-old.

Match result It was great, because the Polish national team won France 8:4, although it was still 3:2 until the break. Żyła scored the last goal of the match.

In addition to the match, Anthony Peknicka’s painting was unveiled at Alija Goesside Park sportsAnd in the runway there was a benefit meeting, incl. With the participation of Józef Młynarczyk, Jan Urban Or Valdemar Fornalek.

Memory match: Poland – France 8:4 (3:2)

The path of the meeting in slzpn.pl: 1: 0 – Gilewicz, 2: 0 – Gilewicz, 2: 1 – Juroszek, 2: 2 – Karas, 3: 2 – Silewicz, 4: 2 – Kmietowicz, 4: 3 – Juroszek, 5: 3 – Gilewicz, 6: 3 – Sikora, 7: 3 – Budziuk, 8: 3 – Bogdo, 8: 4 – ya.

The judges were: Daoud Bokoczan, Camila Pesco and Darius Merwek.

lining up:

Poland: Matuszek – Sikora, Goździcki, Opeldus, Bodzioch, Gawenda, elichowski, Gilewicz, Mosór, Kmietowicz, Bugdoł and Sokołowski, Cieńciała, Kieca. Coach Zdzisław Podedworny.

France: Cieślar – Jakuciński, yła, Pilch, Juroszek, M. Wrzecionko, D. Bujok, Wójcik, Kaźmierczak, Procner, Wuwer and G. Wrzecionko, Oleś, Czyż, Karas, Wałęska, T. Bujok. Władysław Żmuda coach.

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