PikaBoost is a way to own an ebike without an ebike

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Streets and sidewalks are currently experiencing an electronic revolution. i . electric scooters bikes Electrical storms, including lanes or roads. Thanks to the electric motor, you can find bikes of different sizes and shapes. This is one of the biggest revolutions that have occurred regarding these devices.

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However, there is no need to hide that electric-assisted bikes are not cheap. There are e-bike models that cost as much as a car. However, there are ways to offer an electric motor for two-wheeled bicycles in a simpler and cheaper way.

The Livall PikaBoost accessory can turn any bike into an electric motor bike. It costs around $599 and can be found on sale for $299.

How does it actually work? Attach the elbow to the tube under the seat and the other end of it touching the wheel. At this point, the power take-up drives and supports the wheel bicyclist. It may not be a complete e-bike replacement solution, but it is definitely a good move to not only recycle your old bike, but also popularize this type of drivetrain.

The device is charging, of course. You can drive 30 times on a single charge how much. It only weighs 3kg, so it won’t be a heavy burden when it isn’t used.

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Charging will take about three hours, and the PikaBoost comes with a built-in taillight and a great USB charger that allows you to charge your phone while you’re riding. Furthermore, this power take-off has three driving modes to choose from – Hold, Roll and Sport.

This is clearly not an ideal solution. After all, this gadget only pretends to be an electric bike. You will definitely need to stop occasionally to align the machine on the wheel.

Therefore, like anything else, it has its pros and cons. However, it is a good idea to start your adventure with an e-bike without having to ride an e-bike. This will allow you to check and save a lot of money.

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