Pierre Bruneau |  The departure of the reassuring voice

Audiences have no shortage of adjectives to describe Pierre Bruneau: enlightened, passionate, strict, honest, virtuous, dedicated… but among these admirable adjectives one inevitably arises: promising.

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Mark-Andre Lemieux

Mark-Andre Lemieux

According to the public, the senior TVA presenter offers a “reassuring presence” in the air. In the current state of the world, this is a significant factor in explaining its immense popularity. On Thursday evening, when he retires after 46 years of faithful service, his departure is one reason why many Quebecs are grieving.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, The Press

Joel Barbie is a loyal viewer of Pierre Bruno, who is retiring after 46 years at TVA.

Loyal visitor to Montérégie remembers many important moments of Joelle Barbeau XXe And XXIe For centuries she stuck to the screen, the only light on Pierre Bruno. In an interview, he cites the December 6, 1989 polytechnic massacre in Montreal and the September 11, 2001 collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.

“It was heartbreaking and dramatic moments, but he never broke down,” the 58-year-old said. I was relieved when he came up in the air. I was optimistic and knew I would get the right time. ⁇

The same echo of Louis Chardonnay talking about the “reassuring”, “caring” and “conscientious” host. The Brossard resident is not only an avid visitor; When he began his career in the mid-1970s, he rubbed his shoulders with Pierre Bruno for fifteen years as TVA’s news secretary.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, The Press

Louis Chartreuse worked with Pierre Bruno for fifteen years as secretary of the TVA news department.

“He’s a guy who manages his stress well,” the 85 – year – old woman said on the phone.

Pierre Bruneau, a trusted figure on TVA during the election, also controlled countless election nights.

For 75-year-old Richard Laberge, the presenter reveals a lot of “leadership” and “humanity”. In addition, his “radiophonic” voice is “sweet”, and his French, “unfeeling”.

“In leading political debates, Mr. Bruno is respected by every participant,” he, who lives in Saint-Bruno, underlined.

“Family Expertise”

An extraordinary event, Pierre Bruneau’s popularity rating has never diminished, it has been increasing year by year. The VAT News According to Numeris, the No. 1 news bulletin is in Quebec at 6 p.m. In all likelihood, the 70-year-old presenter would have collected his 24e Artis Trophy – and his 12e Continued – Last month, if TVA did not choose to postpone the ceremony due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

Pierre Barrette, director of the School of Media at the University of Quebec in Montreal, says many factors explain Pierre Bruneau’s undeniable popularity. Its longevity is one of them.

“He’s a very familiar person, the TV expert underscores. It’s been a part of the landscape for a long time. People can hang on to it. The stocking effect plays a big role.”

Pierre Barrette also points to the host’s “telegenics”, who describe the world’s misfortunes in a voice he describes – not surprisingly – “promising”.

“Like Bernard Dorom covers what’s on the radio in Canada, he covers the news on TVA, with his stentorian voice, with his awkward cynical side, probably a little brainwashed by a lot of people.”

Pierre Bruneau is the opposite. He is the giver of messages with emotion, warmth, and compassion. He is someone who covers news with a kind of family career that no one else has. Mr. and Mrs. will speak directly to everyone using the language they understand. He is someone we love as a father and grandfather.

Pierre Barrett is director of the School of Media at the University of Quebec in Montreal

Pierre Bruneau’s personal story helped strengthen his bond with the audience, Pierre Barrette believes. We clearly think of the death of his 12-year-old eldest son, Charles, in 1988, after a long war against leukemia.

After his recovery, the journalist formed the Charles-Bruno Foundation in 1990 with the aim of providing a better opportunity for children with cancer to recover by funding research in pediatric hemato-oncology.

“The big stars, the people who really connect the public, they’s usually out of frame, they ‘are not just TV figures: they’ are human figures, they bring in a story that one can identify with. This is what happened to Mr. Bruno. He created the Charles-Bruno Foundation and his energies. By putting everything into it he became a person of extraordinary regression.People then loved it even more.

Photo by Martin Chevalier, Journal de Montreal Archives

At Pierre Bruneau face to face TVA’s, during the last federal election, in September 2021


Another observer, Catherine Pepin, can testify to the human qualities of Pierre Bruno. In 2018, her baby boy Logan, then 8 months old, was diagnosed with cancer. While he was in relief, the businessman contacted the Charles-Bruno Foundation to contact him.

In 2021, he first met Pierre Bruneau during a charity event called the CIBC Bike Tour. The 28-year-old admired the anchor from a distance from a young age. This time, she might be with him.

“I want her kindness, her smile, her availability and her happiness,” said the Terrephone resident. I am so thankful to have a foundation like Charles-Bruno. I lived through the disease, but unlike Pierre Bruneau, I did not lose my baby. Despite the excruciating pain, I think it’s powerful and inspiring to see someone get up and build something so huge. Through this foundation, he saves thousands of children every year. The love I have for Pierre Bruneau and his wife Ginette is immense. ⁇

Like many viewers, Catherine Pepin will experience a certain amount of grief in a few days, when Pierre Bruno leaves. VAT News. According to him, this is a huge loss for Quebec.

“Even though he deserves to retire and devote more time to himself, it is sad that he is leaving. A reference point that we lose. ⁇

Pierre Bruneau will present his latest newscast on TVA on Thursday, June 16 at 6pm. However, he will return to his position next fall, led by a debate among TVA leaders. He will also preside over election night Quebec 2022.

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