June 9, 2023


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Pierre Bruneau made us grow

Pierre Bruneau made us grow

“Reporting should be free,” said Rene Lewesk. For 46 years, Pierre Bruneau has done this vital work with intelligence and humanity: informing as many as possible.

By his departure from the wave, he gave everyone the opportunity to measure what man has achieved. 46 years. I was 6 years old when he sat in the chair, PQ still did not like the rule.

In large numbers

His career is not only enormous in duration, number of bulletins, justice or professionalism. The life of Pierre Bruneau is still immense for the profound impact he made on the Quebec community. He has done a tremendous job of presenting information, explaining it, highlighting its collaborators, dividing it, educating and popularizing it.

I emphasize the information to be communicated to the general public. Information enthusiasts are running behind the news. They draw and swallow themselves from various sources such as radio, television and newspapers. But these are far from the majority.

People with different educational levels, working people and those who have less time to devote to information need information. Others have little knowledge of history, politics or geography. They have a real desire to understand our world, but we want to popularize information.

A little history

Pierre Bruneau arrives at the right place at the right time. In the mid-1970s, television exploded and became the most powerful medium we know. TV will also become an important information player.

Télé-Métropole has built an offer betting on the general public, especially focusing on entertainment. It has become a popular channel, but so far not relying too much on information. Important information meetings, election evenings, business of the State Corporation.

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With the arrival of Pierre, Télé-Métropole (formerly TVA) began investing in developing a name-worthy information service. Pierre pushes for hiring, budgeting, and austerity.

Just as the Edmonton Oilers dynasty was built around Wayne Kretzky, so TVA’s news service was built around Pierre Bruneau. His personality imposed a style that was close to the people, and his professionalism imposed a passion for hard work.

Thanks to this inspiration TVA Nouvelles is at the forefront of information. Beyond the normal competition between networks, I retain the power of democratization.

A few years ago, the dominance of TVA and LCN in international events such as the US and French elections was noted with satisfaction and surprise. A big hit. One day, I realized that this was not a relocation of customers. Radio-Canada believers stayed there.

The event was, on the whole, followed by a large number of Cubes directly following these events. Thousands of new interested parties became more concerned with the problems of the world and wanted to know and understand.

Pierre Bruneau has tried to inform as many people as possible. With success.