February 4, 2023


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Pictures of a controversial movie were taken in Limanoa منطقة

Cassina Wilka/Dobra. Pictures of the controversial film about the cooperation of some highlanders with Germany during World War II were taken today in the Limanowa region – in Dobra and at the historic railway station in Kasina Wielka.

As we unofficially found out, in the Limanowa region, the pictures were taken for a film about the cooperation of some highlanders with Germany during the Second World War. The production received support from the Polish Film Institute in the amount of nearly 6 million PLN, which sparked great controversy among politicians.

The film in question is “White Courage,” directed by Marcin Kosachka. – It tells the story of two brothers Gurali – Masek and Andrei. After the death of their father, to which Andrzej contributed, and the loss of his beloved Bronka, Andrei leaves the family home. On his way he meets the mysterious anthropologist and climber Wolfram. He shares his style of climbing and his knowledge of Barghouti origin in the highlands. Andrei returns to Zakopane, and war breaks out. In order to save Gurali from the annihilation of the war, he wants to persuade them to cooperate with the Germans. Andrei and Macyek stand on either side of the parapet. The confrontation between the brothers is bloody and painful – we read in the description of the film.

Pictures for the film, among others, were taken in the “Morgi Pod Działy” road area in the village of Dobra and near the railway station in Kasina Wielka, with the use of a historic steam locomotive from the Chabówka Open Air Museum.

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Several times, the railway station in Casina Wilka in the municipality of Meszana Dolna has been the backdrop for historical film productions. The most famous of them are “Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg, but also “Katyń” by Andrzej Wajda as well as films and series: “God’s Snippets”, “The Devil from the Seventh Grade”, “Spies in Warsaw” and “Piłsudski” were shot here.

Kasina Wielka is the highest active railway station in Poland. The building was commissioned as a railway station in 1884. Line 104 Chabórka – Nowy Sącz, on which it is located, is part of the Galicia Transverse Railway. The station is built in the neo-Renaissance style. In the past, on the ground floor there were waiting rooms for passengers, cash desks and rooms for reconnaissance of the station and train during the service, while on the first floor there were service apartments for PKP employees.

(Photo: OSP Kasina Wielka)