PI³a XI in preparations.  We know the release date of the next part of the famous horror film

In the tenth part of “Saw,” the creators returned to the proven treatments that viewers loved. John Kramer appears on screen again as Jigsaw, who sets up elaborate torture operations for the production’s heroes. The events of the final “Saw” take place between the first and second parts of the story. We don’t know the story of the eleventh part of the series yet.

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Filmmakers who were very demanding during filming

“Saw XI” will be created. We know the release date

However, the bar is high. The movie “Saw X” shocked viewers. The film, available in Polish cinemas from September 29, was so brutal that information appeared on the Internet that not everyone who bought tickets for the screening was prepared for such an intense series of horrific scenes filled with murders of particular cruelty. It was said about the first screening that people fainted from disgust in the cinemas and some people left the hall.

Will the next part be terrifying? Or maybe the creators will go one step further? We’ll find out in less than a year. “Saw XI” is scheduled to premiere on September 27, 2024. A trailer for the film has appeared online with the caption “Gra It continues.” Interestingly, each subsequent part of the series, up to the seventh, was released in cinemas no earlier than a year after the premiere of the previous part. After viewers watched “Saw” in 3D, they had to wait seven months for Part 1 is being shown. The next horror film from the popular series YEARS.

The reason for the decision to continue the series was, among other things, the box office results of the previous film “Saw”. The film grossed $53 million in North America and $107 million worldwide on a budget of just $13 million.

Variety has tried to determine who will be involved in creating “Saw XI,” but studio representatives have not yet provided that information.

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