June 4, 2023


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[PHOTOS] The man restrains himself after attacking his wife

A man in crisis and an armed man are holding police in suspense at the home of Saint-Croix in Lotpinier. According to our reports, the man allegedly stabbed his wife before locking her inside the house.

The event takes place at the Ru des Suites in Saint-Croix. The area is currently surrounded by police and nearby residents had to be evacuated.

“They told us to leave, we could not stay at home,” says Michael Bergeron, a neighbor.

There are reports that a man, a woman, was seriously injured in an argument before the man detained himself at home. Two children may have seen the events.

Photo Agency QMI, Guy Model

One ambulance service manager confirmed to the Journal that three ambulances had been mobilized and two transport to hospitals had been arranged, one for the baby Jesus in Quebec and the other for Lewis’ Hettel-Dew.

At 11:15 a.m., an ambulance was waiting at the scene.

Photo Agency QMI, Guy Model

May be carrying a weapon

For its part, Sarat to Quebec have not confirmed any details at this time.

“What we can say for now is that a person is being detained, armed and a large deployment is underway,” police spokeswoman Patrice Dorsine explained, adding that the circumstances surrounding the incident needed to be clarified.

The SQ Response Tactical Team was called to the scene. An armored truck arrived shortly before 11am. Police officers were sometimes able to hear the suspect addressing a megaphone in the neighborhood.

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Investigators also arrived at the scene.

Abnormal behavior

According to a neighbor who knew the family involved, the couple are parents to two children aged 7 to 10.

Photo Agency QMI, Guy Model

“She is a very quiet woman. We often see her with her children, ride a bicycle and go to the park, ”says Alexandra LeBlanc, who lives in the area.

The woman’s wife had been acting “extraordinarily” for the past few days, according to a neighbor.

“I saw him, last night, driving his car through the gravel alley next to our house. He never cuts there. He always looks a little different, but it was even worse,” says Cindy Paradis.

Photo Agency QMI, Guy Model

“I saw him walking alone, too late,” Ms. Leplong says.

Michael Bergeron, he, looked after the couple’s children on occasion. He says the man had a “drinking habit” and the couple seemed to be having trouble. “We know this did not happen properly, but there was never a breast attack or excessive screaming,” said a neighbor who saw the woman Friday. “We suspected it didn’t work much.”