[PHOTOS] Nathalie Simard looks elegant and… well-rounded at the premiere of “Je suis: Céline Dion” in Montreal

Dozens of Quebec stars turned out Monday evening to attend the premiere of the highly anticipated documentary Me: Celine Dion. Despite the Quebec diva’s evening in New York, dignitaries here wanted to pay her a beautiful tribute. Hosted by Sonia Benezra, the emotional evening took place at the Théâtre Maisonneuve on the Place des Arts. Documentary Me: Celine Dion It follows the singer for a year in her everyday life as she battles various symptoms related to Difficult Person Syndrome. The documentary will be available on Amazon Prime starting June 25.

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Nathalie Simert

“She lived a fairy tale. Now, all of that has been shaken. I saw a Celine who clearly made a decision that was determined, very strong, courageous and not to give up. I think the message she’s going to send tonight is going to be very powerful and important, because she’s going to be able to quietly address these issues. It will help many people who experience it.“. – Nathalie Simard.

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Dion Family

Mario Beauregard/Agence QMI

Martin Boyclair and Jean-Philippe Dion

“When Celine experiences an attack of severe personality disorder, it’s the most moving scene in the documentary. I’m speechless.”. -Jean-Philippe Dion

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Sonia Benesra

“I haven’t heard Celine’s voice in four years. I knew there was something serious. That’s not his style. She gives us a documentary without makeup, tears in her eyes and her truth, which is a new step for Celine Dion.“. – Sonia Benezra, host of the premiere in Montreal

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Mario Dumont and Marie-Claude Barrett

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Pierre Karl Péladeau and Pascale Bourbeau

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Christine Morency and her companions

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Jeanique Fournier and her partner Michael

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

David La Haye and his companion

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Cédrik Reinhardt and Ingrid Falaise

Photo Agent QMI, Mario BEAUREGARD

Nathalie Simard surrounded by drag queens inspired by Celine Dion’s costumes

“What Celine is going through at this time is so unexpected. No one could have predicted what was happening. It’s so touching and emotional to see her share this reality with everyone in all its authenticity and vulnerability.. – Jimmy Moore, Drag Queen

Photo by Martin Alary

I’m glad she took some time off from herself to heal herself and spend time with her kids. In his entire life, he never rested.. – Barneve Valsaint, Celine Dion’s backing singer

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