Photos |  Karaoke: Bars are already full by Christmas

Karaoke has never been so popular. Unexpected effect of infection and health measures, cubes that had been isolated from the microphone for months, are now gathering in the singing rooms.

Previously, L’Astral 2000 hosted karaoke nights only on weekends. But until further notice, it will be seven nights a week.

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“It was packed, packed, I had never seen! Some evenings are set aside by groups and we leave the machine for them, ”owner Alain Saint-Pierre told me.

Be careful not to appear spontaneous somewhere on a Saturday night … you may hit the wall!

Photo by QMI Agency, Mario Purecord

The weekends are already packed with the most popular companies until Christmas.

“People were so excited, I booked the board if the law would allow us to reopen, and now that’s it, we’ll be full by December 18th,” explains owner Pascal Leffevre from the Le Normandie bar. 70 More or less amateur singers follow each other on the microphone.

Do not despair if you do not have a reservation. There are still places on weekday evenings. In the Le Date bar, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, we only take bookings for the week.

Listen to Philipe-Vincent Foisy’s interview with Alexandre Bédard, owner of La Nuit des Temps on QUB Radio:

“If people call next Monday or Tuesday, it usually works,” says Danny Jabin.

No need to worry about Astral 2000 regular Micheline Bourdon bookings. His place is reserved every day from the beginning! For the Lee Journal, this karaoke lover grabs a microphone and sings Love bye bye Des Everly Brothers.

Michelin Borden sang Everly Brother's Bye Bye Love at Astral 2000.

Photo by QMI Agency, Joel Lemme

Michelin Borden sang Everly Brother’s Bye Bye Love at Astral 2000.

“I got a machine to make it at home when it was illegal here,” he says.

Xs are drawn on the stages where the singer has to position himself and where the Plexiglas panels separate him from the audience. Companies offer hygienic cards that include microphones, commonly called “microphone hoods”: “We sell them for $ 3, and people have their own: each with their own hood!” Mr. St-Pierre said.

The law allows clients to get up and dance.

Photo by QMI Agency, Mario Purecord

“Finally, we don’t have to tell people to sit down anymore,” said Tate’s manager Jeremy Bowen.

Several followers had made appointments last night at this last company packed.

“We’m in our early twenties, this is the age we have to get used to, we’ve lost it for over a year, so we want to be here even if it’s Monday night,” Arrow explains. , 23, Student at Communication UQAM.

Photo by QMI Agency, Mario Purecord

“Last night I woke up very early for filming, but I wanted to be here, wanting to break the ice with the first song of the night,” Toxic Through Britney Spears, she celebrated her rediscovered freedom at the same time as her historic return to karaoke, ”says comedian Matthew Duffer, who also met Lee Tate at the bar.

Comedian Matthew Duffer sings Britney Spears' toxic song on the Le Tate bar.

Photo by QMI Agency, Mario Purecord

Comedian Matthew Duffer sings Britney Spears’ toxic song at Le Tate Bar.

Karaoke and dance have been back in bars across Quebec since Monday. However it is mandatory for customers to wear a mask when standing or walking around companies.

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