Photo: Meet the heroes of “LOTR: The War of Rohirrim”
In December, an animated film from the “Lord of the Rings” universe, “The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim”, will appear on cinema screens. We can see the first images of the main characters of the production.

Get to know the heroes of the cartoon “The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim”

“War of the Rohirrim” will take place 183 years before the events of The Lord of the Rings.. After Rohan is attacked by the cruel and vengeful Lord Wolf and his army of Dundelings, King Helm and his people seek refuge in the ancient stronghold of the Hornburg. Hera, the ruler’s daughter – an unnamed character in Tolkien’s books – leads the defense of the castle, which will eventually become known as Helm’s Deep.

The heroine was described by actress Gaia Wise. He compares her to characters from Hayao Miyazaki’s films such as “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.”. – In the appendices from which this story is taken, we get interestingly drawn male characters, and then this young female character whose name is never mentioned. This was really interesting to me – said producer Philippa Boyens.

Luke Pasqualin will play Wolf Lord Dunland. For Boyens, the producer of film trilogies based on Tolkien’s prose, he is one of her favorite antagonists in the films she has worked on. – Some of his choices are simply breathtaking – I admitted.
Brian Cox became the voice of the legendary King Helm Ironhand. The cast also includes Miranda Otto, who will return to the role of Eowyn, which she played in the original trilogy. Ewen will be the narrator of the story.

The script was written by Jeffrey Addis and Will Matthews, creators of the Emmy Award-winning series “The Dark Crystal: Age of Rise.” The film is directed by Japanese animation legend Kenji Kamiyama (“Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.”, “Blade Runner: Black Lotus”).

“The War of Rohirrim” will premiere on screens on December 13, 2024.

“Shortcuts” for the movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”

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