June 8, 2023


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Photo: Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon. Ridley Scott will fight for an Oscar

Apple announced that it is collaborating with Sony to bring the historical show “Napoleon” to theaters. The release date in the US is set for the Thanksgiving weekend, November 22. So it will appear sometime before the Oscars season.

Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix. What do we know about “Napoleon”?

“Napoleon” (formerly “Kitbag”) is an in-depth look at the history of Napoleon Bonaparte (Joaquin Phoenix) and his complex relationship with Josephine Bonaparte (Vanessa Kirby). Scott plans to portray the hero as a brilliant strategist with relentless ambition. So we can expect many great battle scenes on the screen. Also among the cast is Tahir Rahim, who will play French politician Paul Barras and Josephine’s mistress.

Script author “Napoleon” is David Scarpa (“all the money in the world”). Dariush Volsky, the director’s full-time collaborator, is responsible for the cinematography.

For Scott, this wouldn’t be his first onscreen encounter with the Napoleonic era. At the beginning of his film career “duel” From 1977 he told the story of two Bonaparte soldiers who return for years to the honorable end of the feud, unsuccessfully trying to resolve it once and for all.

Announcing the release date “Napoleon” Apple has unveiled the first official image from the movie. You will find them below:

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